Surfing Knows No Age: Reasons You’re Never Too Young or Too Old to Learn to Ride the Waves

You’ve sat on the beach and watched but your interest waned and doubt remained.  You think you’re too old/young to ride the waves.  But that’s an error in logic.  One’s never too young or old to learn the sport.  You can find groms a few years old learning on foam boards as easy as you can spot a seasoned veteran in his seventies on his longboard.  Surfing knows no age so don’t use it as an excuse.   Here are a number of reasons you should start to surf and forget about your age.

Surfing Knows No Age: Reasons You're Never Too Young or Too Old to Learn to Ride the Waves
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Surfing teaches and promotes dedication.  For example, some surfers work 9-5 jobs yet still find time to hit the waves before or after.  Moreover, New England surfers stay in the water all year despite chilling water and air temperatures.  It takes dedication to surf in unsavory conditions.  Surfers endure for the love of the sport yet the learned virtue can benefits one’s career, love life, etc.


Unless you have some sort of limiting medical condition, there is no reason to stay away from exercise.  Surfing requires balance, strength, cardiovascular endurance, and a learned sense of timing.  It’s never too early or late to develop an interest in exercise.  Why not choose an exercise you can do at the beach in the water and under the sun?  Start exercising at any age.


While any surfer would prefer uncrowded waves, the sports does host a community vibe as riders embrace a commonality.  Even out of the water, surfers avidly discuss the next coming storm and new technologies of surfboards.  Many people have developed standing friendships upon meeting in the water.  Like enthusiasts of other sports and hobbies, surfers develop their own tribe.


Some people seek peace through religious practice.  Others practice methods of meditation.  Surfers find peace and serenity among the waves.  Unless it’s a day of very heavy conditions, there is often time between sets to take moments to reflect and enjoy the scenery.  Being out in the water offers a unique perspective of the sea and land.  That sense of wellness and peace brings balance and added benefit into one’s life.


If you’re looking for something to do with your son, daughter, mother, or father, surfing can be enjoyed for all members of the family.  As mentioned, surfing is a bond both in and out of the water.  It’s especially exceptional to be able to share the passion for the sport with another friend or family member.  Whether you both start as beginners at the same time or one teaches the other, you’ll have something unique to share.


If you’re lucky enough to live within a couple hours or closer to a surf spot, then you’re better off than most.  Not too many people have the benefit of living near a premier surf break but the industry offers tons of deals, packages, and reasons to visit multiple spots around the globe.  There’s great surf in Australia, Africa, Hawaii, Indonesia, etc.  If you need added inspiration to broaden your horizons, surfing is a great pastime.


There’s never been a better time to find a great surf teacher and/or school.  Local surf shops will often offer surfing lessons along with rentals.  Best of all, private lessons make learning accelerated.  It’s not uncommon for a beginner to get up during their first lesson due to the attention and direction of the teacher.  Also, it’s beneficial to get educated feedback along with genuine encouragement from a person who regularly surfs.


Some men and women are deaf to style or just confused as to what style befits them.  Surfers have their own style, which extends into their choice of art, music, clothing, jobs, etc.  Surfers can easily spot their own kind out of the water based upon clothing, slang, and an odd interest in knowing the time of the tides, the direction of the wind, and short term storm systems.  Pick up any surf magazine and take notice of the advertisements to find clothing labels and lifestyle brands.


Don’t be intimidated by the looks of big longboards or pointy short boards.  Beginners learn on foam boards, which makes it easier to maintain your balance.  And even more assuring, if you do fall and come into contact with the board, the outer foam shell is harmless as not to pose threat to a rider’s head, eye, body, etc.  Whether you’re six or sixty, you’ll be able to handle a foam board in the water.

Paige Bruce has been surfing from a young age and is sure she has saltwater running through her veins! She writes about surfing in her online articles.

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