E-Selling with Ease: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Unwanted Stuff Online

Approximately one out of every ten households in the US rents storage facility, according to Orlando Sentinel. That’s because they have so many items they no longer need. This mostly happens while moving to a new residence or when there’s a change in their living situations. If you’re one of those people with a lot of unwanted stuff, then why not turn those old items into some cash instead of paying for unwanted storage?

E-Selling with Ease: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Unwanted Stuff Online
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There’s a lot you can do to clear up some space and get rid of stuff that’s of no use to you. From clothes to books to accessories, you can sell almost anything online while making some profit.

Below are some worthwhile strategies to sell your unwanted stuff online.

Sort Out the Stuff

If your attic is full of unwanted stuff that has been there for ages, it will of course be a bit of a hassle to sort everything and decide what to sell and where to sell it. But here’s a practical tip: if something has been kept unused or unworn for two years, then it’s a clue that you don’t need it. Go through all such items and put them in your “to sell” pile. Now, sort items according to categories. Next, figure out where to sell this stuff online.

Decide the Price

Asking too little or too much can dissuade the buyers. Before pricing each item, research how others have priced their unwanted items. Evaluate the condition and uniqueness of your item. If it deserves a competitive price, do it accordingly.

Tailor Your Ad According to Your Buyers

Whichever website you use to place your ad, provide a detailed product description to your buyers. To avoid time-consuming questions from buyers, make sure you specify in the ad each and every detail of the item you want to sell. This way, you’ll be responding to serious buyers only.

Invest Some Time in Capturing Images

Who knows, a perfectly captured photo could be the reason you sell your unwanted stuff in just one day! Differentiate your item by taking focused, high-quality photos with good lighting. Crop the photos to show different angles and close-ups of the item to the buyers.

E-Selling with Ease: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Unwanted Stuff Online
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Decide What to Sell Online

Since the goal is to sell unwanted stuff for a considerable amount of money, selling more than one item (and in a variety of categories) makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of items you can sell online, examples include clothing, electronics, video games, books, computer equipment, toys, household items, furniture, art and other collectibles, even wedding dresses.

Decide Where to Sell Online

Once you’ve made a list of unwanted stuff to sell online, choose the options that align well with the nature of the item. Below are some of these online options:

Facebook – Facebook lets you sell your old stuff to people you already know. Simply create your Facebook Page and list the items you want to sell. If any of your friends are interested, they’ll buy directly from you. And the best part is that you won’t have to pay anything extra.

Specific Websites That Buy Stuff Online – Joining Facebook groups can be a great way to sell your unwanted stuff online. However, if you want to sell unwanted items belonging to a niche category, such as, books, DVDs, gold, wedding dresses, antiques, etc., you’ll find your buyers elsewhere, such as, websites that buy unwanted and used items belonging to a specific category. For instance, if textbooks are the only item you want to earn profit from, then there are numerous book buying websites such as BuyBack Express that accept used books and related stuff only.

Craigslist – Since craigslist is a large online platform for selling goods as well as services, your ad can reach thousands of people who might be interested in buying used and unwanted items. It’s convenient because you don’t have to deliver the sold items to your buyers. Thus, this saves your time and delivery cost. However, make sure you don’t fall for any scams while selling through Craigslist.

Amazon – Amazon facilitates its users to sell anything from small accessories to cooking equipment with a user-friendly and secure process. Here’s the best thing about it: if your item has been sold, you don’t need to rush to the nearby post office. That’s because all sold items are stored in Amazon’s warehouse which are then shipped to the buyers.

The Bottom Line

It takes just a minute to accumulate things you don’t need. But why keep that unwanted stuff when there’s no need to? Earning some cash is certainly a better option than throwing your unwanted stuff in a storage facility.

Now that there are so many options to sell your unwanted stuff online, you don’t have to keep waiting to fulfill your short-term financial needs. If you’ve got the right buyer, you can turn your stuff into cash instantly!

Chelsea Heath wouldn’t necessarily describe herself as being frugal when it comes to money, perhaps just resourceful! She always seems able to get herself out of a tight spot whether because of an unexpected bill or an emergency situation. So, she writes about money and what helps her get  cash quick for a range of personal finance and lifestyle blogs.

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