Top 5 Benefits Of A Weekly Beauty Face Mask

Acne can be an irritating, bothersome and even humiliating skin condition.  If acne prone skin cannot be tamed or regulated to behave properly, it can well lead to lack of self-esteem.  There is sufficient research and science that have revealed what could be causing acne and how it may be stopped.  However, while, the solutions may sound simple and straightforward, acne cannot be tamed so easily in the real world.

Top 5 Benefits Of A Weekly Beauty Face Mask
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How can face masks benefit acne prone skin?

To answer this question, an overview of what causes acne is called for:

  • Hormones and hormonal changes, particularly those associated with puberty, pregnancy and menopause, can trigger an acne breakout.
  • Acne can be genetic.  Some people are simply predisposed to breakout throughout their lives or at some point in it.
  • Stress, extreme weather conditions, skincare products, makeup, certain medications and poor hygiene can all lead to acne.

Many products are made commercially available either solely or also for use in treating and managing acne — from cleansers and acne creams, all the way to birth control pills and steroid pills.  Does LifeCell Work for finally ending acne?  This product is marketed as an anti-aging product but, it may also be possible that it can treat acne once and for all.

Recently, it has been claimed that using face masks can help women and men with acne-prone skin finally overcome this pesky skin condition.  Here are the facts about face masks and acne you should know about:

1.  Face masks literally soak up your skin in treatment substances or chemicals.  Every face mask is different.  Some are moisturizing, while others may claim that they are exfoliating or clarifying or anti-aging, and what not.  These face masks generally go straight and deep to the heart of the problem to resolve what causes acne growth on your skin.

Left on skin for several minutes, face masks literally keep the goodness of these products from escaping to thin air.  Masks create a system that allows the mask to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and full of vitality.

2.  Anti-acne face masks are exactly what people with acne prone skin need.  These types of face masks are laden with ingredients with natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties such as chamomile, aloe or bisabolol.  These ingredients help rid the skin of infection causing bacteria as well as soothe swollen, itchy skin.  Further soothing feeling is provided with the usual infusion of these ingredients with moisturizing ingredients like honey and Vitamin E.

3.  Clarifying face masks are exactly what people with acne marks need to get.  Clarifying face masks, the ones that are worth it at least, contain loads of antioxidants and ingredients with natural astringent and skin lightening properties like citrus fruits and Vitamin C.  More importantly, these face masks are also laden with skin brightening ingredients that may include arginine and, only in US markets, the suspected carcinogen, hydroquinone.

4.  Exfoliating masks help draw out skin impurities.  This face mask function is particularly important for people with acne prone skin.  When skin impurities are regularly drawn out, the usual cause of skin infection is also eliminated from skin.  With the combination of deeply moisturizing ingredients, these masks also tame your skin’s tendency to overcompensate for dryness that normally follow exfoliation.

  1. Pore refining face masks tighten your pores.  These face masks leave your skin with a smooth, flawless finish.  Other than that, tighter pores mean less likelihood of dirt, dust and smoke to clog your pores and, from there, start an infection.

Other benefits of face masks

Every skin type can benefit from a face mask.  Here’s a quick rundown of how your own skin can find its issues resolved with face masks:

1.  Dry skin.  The deep moisturizing power of rejuvenating face masks can literally turn your skin from dull to full of life.

2.  Oily skin.  Facial masks that claim to mattify the skin, as well as exfoliating masks can significantly lessen the grease on oily skin.

3.  Combination Skin.  Any face mask that replace daily musts in your regimen from cleansing to moisturizing to exfoliating is good for this skin type.

4.  Aging Skin.  Unlike your usual go-to anti-aging cream, anti-aging face masks flood your skin with antioxidants, moisture and all the must-have ingredients that help your skin fight multiple signs of skin aging.


Know your skin type and you’ll know exactly what type of skin mask treatments you’ll need.  Perform regularly then notice how your skin improves.

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