5 Practical Gifts for Women This Year

Shopping for the woman in your life can be a difficult thing, especially if she’s bored by the usual “female” things like jewelry, chocolate and makeup. If your lady prefers something a little more practical, here are just five gifts that will delight her with their usefulness.

5 Practical Gifts for Women This Year
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1. Charging Station

If your loved one is constantly juggling phones, laptops, tablets and e-readers, a charging station might be just what she needs to bring some organization back to her life. The good news is that charging stations come in all shapes and sizes, so you should have no problem finding one that suits her unique lifestyle. Does she use a dozen different brands and operating systems? Buy her a universal charging station. Is she an exclusive Apple girl? Find her something with ports and amperages that support Apple devices. Regardless of the specifics of her charging station, she’ll be much more prepared for life’s twists and turns if her gadgets are always fully powered and ready to go.

2. Massage Cushion

A massage cushion is a luxurious yet practical gift that will delight her senses while simultaneously providing things like pain relief and better circulation. The right kind of cushion can be used for everything from her neck to her calves, and it can alternate temperatures, speeds and pressures for the ultimate relaxation experience. If she works long hours or has a general problem with aches and pains, a massage cushion may be just what she needs. It’s a gift that will keep on giving long after she opens the box.

3. Money Organizer

Is your loved one a little loose with her Lincolns? Think about getting her a money organizer. While they look and function like normal wallets, they also come with tabs, stickers, slots, pockets and notepads to help her keep track of her spending. Her receipts can neatly slide into tabbed and labelled pockets; her debit and credit cards can be organized according to usage; her purchases can be scribbled down on special “spending” sheets. A money organizer will be a very economical gift for someone who needs an extra hand in money management.

4. Self-Defense Purse

From pepper sprays to alarm watches, the modern woman has plenty of options when it comes to portable self-defense tools. The problem is actually carrying them around without attracting attention or compromising mobility. What if an attacker sees and plans for the switchblade on her key chain? What if she can’t easily grab the gun that’s buried at the bottom of her handbag? This is where a Sweet Daisy Defense self-defense purse from can make all the difference. Perfect for concealed carrying, these purses are designed to look cute and innocuous on the outside while safely holding or holstering self-defense weapons on the inside. You’ll never have to worry about her safety again when you give her a self-defense purse for Christmas.

5. Mini-Fridge

If she’s a workaholic, a mini-fridge that she can keep at her desk will stop her from going hours without eating or drinking. If she’s a homebody, a mini-fridge will allow her to keep snacks in her bedroom or book nook. If she loves to unwind in the hot tub, a mini-fridge will keep her from having to trek into the kitchen every time she wants a beer. As you can see, there are many different uses for a mini-fridge, but all of them can provide convenience and luxury for a busy woman. Don’t be afraid to treat her this year with a gift that she’ll use every day.

If the woman in your life is uninterested in silly or sparkly gifts, consider one of these practical presents instead. Not only will they make her life easier, but they’ll also display your thoughtfulness when you buy her a gift that means something.

5 Practical Gifts for Women This Year
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