Fall In Love with Your Work to Stay Focused and Motivated

It’s Jenny’s first day at her work. She came in the office an hour earlier as she was excited to learn new things and meet new people. She was very proactive and enthusiastic.

As the months and years have passed, Jenny felt that her job is already a routine and has lost the drive and eagerness that she felt when she was just starting. Now, she’s only doing her job to pay bills and as a means to have both ends meet.

Many of us fall into this trap like Jenny did. The passion and motivation felt during the early stage has finally fizzled and we begin to hate our jobs.

So how do we continue to stay focused and motivated? Just like in any other relationship, loving your job is the key to fight the feeling of boredom. Below are the tips on how to keep the fire burning.

Fall In Love with Your Work to Stay Focused and Motivated
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1.       Change Your Outlook

Your perspective has a huge impact on your life. When the alarm goes off and the first thing that comes on your mind is “Another bad day at work”, then it’s more likely that you will have a bad day at work. Changing to a positive perspective can go a long way. Before you go to work, look at the mirror and recite “I love my job” a few times. Sooner, you won’t need to recite it anymore as you would learn how to do so.

2.       Nurture a sense of purpose and meaning in the work

You would learn to appreciate your job more if you know the importance of your contribution to the company. Evaluate your tasks and the accomplishments that you bring to the team. List down all the things that you have accomplished. If you are more aware of the things that you are bringing to the table, you will be more driven and motivated to achieve more.

3.       Take care of yourself physically

Having a healthy body means having a healthy mind and disposition. You would be having problem on staying focused and motivated if you go on sick leave a few times in a month. Not being physically fit would hinder you to broaden your knowledge and skills. Eat healthy foods, have a daily exercise routine and sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you take care of yourself, hiring a Rochester worker’s compensation attorney would be unnecessary.

4.       Love being productive

Productivity and accomplishments is a natural drug. People get addicted to the feeling of success so they strive to do more. Make your day productive by accomplishing everything on your to-do-list. Make sure that you don’t just do the things off your checklist; do them well and with passion.

5.       Work around Your Body Clock

To get the most of your time in the office, do things according to the level of your energy. Things that are more challenging and hard should be done on the first hours of your time; this is when your energy and alertness is still on their maximum. Tasks that are easier and would not require much focus and concentration can be done latter part of the day.

6.       Prioritize Tasks

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with the number of tasks that we have to do in a day. When you see a long list of tasks on your to-do-list, there is a tendency that you feel lost and don’t know where to start. Learn how to prioritize your tasks well. List down all the things that you need to do in a day and categorize them based on their importance. Urgent things need to be done first. If you can’t finish all of your tasks within a day, it won’t hurt moving them to the next day, as long as it’s not a matter of life and death. People that feel overwhelmed with work tend to get burn out sooner.

7.       Love your co-workers

You spend at least 8 hours a day with them so make an effort to have a close relationship with your co-workers. Stick with the ones that you share the same work ethics and interests with. Life at the office is a lot happier when you have great relationship with your co-workers.

8.       Think habits, not motivation

Whilst motivation is good, what’s even better is discipline and practice. When you set your heart and mind to something and do it religiously, it forms into a habit. Habit is what forms our character.

Beginning to love our job is easier with these tips. As the famous saying goes, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

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