Tricks to Get a Beach-Ready Look in the Middle of Winter

A mirror image is worth a thousand words, some of which you probably don’t want to hear. That said, it is nearly midwinter and there is plenty of time to get your body moving in the right direction for summer fun (without wearing a wet suit for cover). Especially if you have some warm-weather vacations planned during these frosty months, getting your body beach-ready can be a challenge. Here are some tips to get you back in shape and ready for the warmth.

Tricks to Get a Beach-Ready Look in the Middle of Winter
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This is a conundrum that males needn’t worry much about, as if there were not enough items in that category already! Women store fat differently than men and the orange-peel bumpiness of cellulite is a characteristic of the fiber-laced fat pockets that female hormones produce. It is somewhat hereditary, as well. The good news is that, although cellulite cannot be completely eradicated, its visibility can be reduced. Weights are a good solution. Weights and squats for thighs do an amazing job of replacing fat with muscle. Be sure you start small and build up your weight load over time.


Easier said than done, of course, but plenty of people do lose weight before hitting the beach. Incorporate a vision of how you want to look in the future and a step-by-step plan to get there. A ‘diet’ is often self-defeating, because it involves real or imagined deprivation. Be honest with yourself, and investigate what is causing your particular weight gain. There are usually some items you can cut from your intake and lose pounds. For instance, a couple of glasses of wine every evening can add 200 calories easily. A few chip snacks can tally up a horrifying calorie count and leave you craving many more. Bread is an easy snack guaranteed to bloat your belly. The most important step is to replace these comforts with another reward, such as a gym membership or a hobby that doesn’t include food.


Every body is different and some people acquire fat storage around the middle or on the thighs that just won’t go away with diet or exercise. In this case, cosmetic surgery can come to the rescue. According to a Utah breast augmentation specialist, Liposuction has had a very successful track record of permanently removing unwanted fat pockets and contouring the body shape for a slimmer, tighter appearance. Noninvasive procedures are also effective, but liposuction provides more dramatic results for those who require them.

It is important to realize that only you can change your body for the better. Healthy diet and exercise plans, as well as intervention when needed, can get you confident, healthy, and ready for the beach! Just be sure to stay safe and ask your doctor for advice as needed.

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