How Levels of Sugar Influence Your Everyday Mood

Everybody love sweet cakes, chocolates, delicious marshmallows, and candies, but not many of us suffer from sugar addiction. Nowadays, last researches show that excessive love to sugar can cause some psychological disorders, depressions, the unreasoning feeling of anxiety or simply a bad mood. Our specialists at neurology center have defined three most determining factors which explain such a strong sugar addiction. 

How The Levels of Sugar Influence Your Everyday Mood
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Brain energy

Sugar or glucose, to be precise, is the main source of energy for our brain. You cannot solve some difficult tasks; concentrate on your task paper or run the whole company if your mind doesn’t get enough glucose and fructose. Although these two nutrients nourish the whole organism, unlike brain, other internals can function properly without sugar.


It is one more simple sugar, which naturally can be found in vegetables and fruits. Eating too much of it in refined sugar, corn or maple syrup, honey leads to rising of blood fructose level. These factors provoke serious problems with liver, kidneys, cause heart diseases and increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Sugar and depressions 

Unfortunately, there is a direct dependency between sugar consumption and constant bad mood. Of course, it is OK to eat a little bit of black chocolate or a cake, when you feel blue, but you should control your desires. Eating refined sugars, white flour, and other processed carbohydrates provides you with the fastest serotonin explosion.

If you want to know more interesting information about sugar addiction or other health problems, visit our neurology center, and our specialists will help you.

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