Buying a New Condo? Tips to Make It Warm and Cozy

If you’re buying a new condo in the cold season, one of the first things you will want to do is to keep the place warm and cozy. And we aren’t just talking about literally heating the place up (although of course that helps). You should also concentrate on making your new home look warm and cozy too.

Buying a New Condo? Tips to Make It Warm and Cozy
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So how do you achieve this? Here are some tips that can help you out when you furnish and decorate your new condo:

1. Mix it up. If there’s one rule to proper home furnishing and decoration, it’s that you don’t buy everything from a single place. No, not even from Ikea. While a strategy like that can make it easier for you to mix and match your furniture, you tend to end up with a showroom look and not with a “this is home” look.

In fact, it’s not even enough to buy from different stores. Use pieces with different styles. Mixing pieces with dissimilar styles can result in visual texture that makes your place look more inviting. It won’t look contrived either.

2. Get a couch that you can actually sit on. The ideal couch and chair is something that’s both lovely to look at and comfy to sit on. But you don’t often find furniture that offers the best of both worlds. So prioritize your comfort.

What do you like to do when you’re at home relaxing? Do you like to curl up with a good book, or binge-watch TV episodes? You need to see yourself doing these things when you buy your couch. That means if you like to sip hot cocoa while reading or watching TV, you also need a handy side table for your cup.

3. Use warm light bulbs. When you buy light bulbs, the packaging usually says whether a light bulb provides a cool or a warm color. Pick the warm option. This tiny change can have a huge impact on how cozy your condo feels. It doesn’t require lots of money, and you don’t need lots of effort to switch either.

4. Have multiple light sources. This is very important especially for the living room. Have some smaller lights handy for your night in or for an intimate gathering. Since you’re living in a condo, it’s not very likely that you’ll have lots of large gatherings there very frequently.

5. Pick warm hues. Colors come in different hues that may seem warm instead of cool. Do your research and pick the warm colors for your wallpaper and for all other stuff in your new home.

Regardless of how great the nightlife is in your city, you can’t go out every night. Sometimes you will have a better time just being in your new cozy home.

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