4 Alternative Education Paths For The Ultimate Adventurer

In the fast-paced modern world, it can be hard to take a step back and design a career that’s right for you. Whether you want to travel the world or experience the great outdoors, it is surprisingly possible to choose a career that doesn’t fit the traditional mold of what’s expected and secure. This list of the top four alternative education paths for the most adventurous among us will surely be a great help to those wanting a career more lively and interesting than accounting or law.

4 Alternative Education Paths For The Ultimate Adventurer
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A career in hospitality will bring out your generous side as you work in hotels and amusement parks, entertain guests, and ultimately ensure that everyone’s vacation is a great one. This career is ideal for the adventurer because it doesn’t require a degree, yet it provides the stability of a full-time job with the luxury of worldwide travel. You’ll find yourself in all kinds of locations whether you’re managing a reception desk in Alaska or you’re serving as a chalet in a high-end ski resort. Hospitality is best suited for extroverts who are keen on ensuring that all guests have a great time. Ultimately, this is a career of international unity and warmth, as you never know who you’ll bump into on vacation.

Outdoor Education

A career in outdoor education is a fulfilling and rewarding path for the most outgoing and active leaders among us. Whether working at summer camps, leading wilderness expeditions, or teaching people how to kayak, outdoor education is an exciting career. Outdoor education schools will prepare anyone with the necessary skills, from first aid in a remote location to team-building and leadership. Outdoor education instructors will find themselves working all over the globe, making this a great choice for enthusiastic individuals who want to start a career without necessarily completing a four-year degree. From the fast-paced rivers of North Carolina to vast plains of New Mexico, there’s no telling where this career will take you.

Ski Instructor

If you fancy cold, cozy winters and plenty of outdoor fun, consider becoming a ski instructor. In this career, you can expect to work with skiers of all abilities, starting from the basics. With enough patience and positivity, this is a rewarding career for any adventurer who wants to spend time on the slopes. For people who turn ski instruction into a full-time career, frequent travel is often required. Just as winter ends in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to start another ski season in the Southern Hemisphere. Whether you enjoy showing off your skills on the slopes or sharing your love of skiing with newcomers, ski instruction is one of the most athletic and adventurous jobs out there.

Teach English Abroad

Traveling the globe while making an income has never been easier. While requirements vary by country, it’s possible to become an English teacher with only a native-level command of the English language. For the committed English teacher, there are various certificates and degrees available to move up the ranks and turn teaching English as a foreign language into a lifelong career. Whether you want to explore Chile, teach enthusiastic students in Thailand, or spend a year in the Caucasus, teaching English as a foreign language will provide plenty of international opportunities for the adventurous traveler.

From outdoor education to ski instruction, today’s adventurous leaders have plenty of options for creating a rich and interesting life. There’s no need to fit the mold of a traditional education with these opportunities and careers. With so many exciting and adventurous jobs available, which one will you choose?

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