Driving SEO Results with Social Media Integration

In a recent publication, Quicksprout documented the current state of SEO, giving finer details of the evolution of search engine optimization in line with multiple Google Algorithm updates. It was evident that many things have changed over the years. Of greater concern was the keen interest companies and agencies are taking in social media when thinking about SEO results. According to Econsultancy’s report, 72% of companies and 82% of agencies surveyed had social media deeply integrated in their SEO strategies. Well, that couldn’t have been any truer.

Driving SEO Results with Social Media Integration
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When Google’s Matt Cutts later released a video documenting that social signals do not have a direct impact on search engine ranking results, the whole market was thrown into confusion. Was everyone who predicted a correlation between the two wrong and Google right? Many might have interpreted it differently. With social signals out of the picture, Matt Cutts did not necessarily mean that social media was completely irrelevant in SEO campaigns. There is more than that to those willing to step up their search engine optimization endeavors. You can actually drive significant SEO results through social media. Let’s find out how.

Build Quality Links across Social Channels 

In the past, you only needed multiple links to grace the first few pages of search engine results. There was less emphasis on quality. With multiple algorithm updates, the gaze shifted to higher quality links. In most cases, social media links are considered high quality owing to the high web authority enjoyed by these sites. The fact that social profiles appear in search engine results is something worth taking advantage of. While social shares might not have direct impacts on the search listings, there is no doubt that social profiles have an influence on the content of your search results. Ideally, social media profiles seem to the most outstanding results in the search engine pages.

Embedding the links of your website to the social media profile may appear too obvious, but incorporating such links in all contents may prove a tall order for many. For the few who are daring enough to get it right, you can take advantage of YouTube and upload relevant videos for each blog post. You will be able to tap on high web authority of YouTube to send traffic to your site.

Optimize Social Media Profiles for Searches

Driving SEO Results with Social Media Integration
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Well, Google, Bing and other notable search engine houses seemed to have answers to all the queries people had. A little more seem to have changed over the years. The limits beyond which people can seek results for searches have been broadened. It is not uncommon finding people looking for information about companies in their social media profiles instead of directly searching for them through search engines. As Patel puts it, search engine optimization incorporates the search that takes place over the social media channels. Anyone who gets a concise comprehension of that walks away with significant results.

To get the most out of this, you need to be active across various social media channels. Take for instance a brand that is active on Twitter. It is easier for their clients to find their latest content distribution app upon searching for contenting marketing tweets via the Twitter search handle. In the same way, brand with dominant visual appeal can say it loud and enjoy a better presence on platforms like Instagram. For companies that understand the need for making their social media profiles distinct and optimized for related searches, chances are high that you will have a seamless experience connecting with your clients. As such, it is important for them to broaden the concept of SEO to include social search engines besides the traditional search engines.

Grow your Follower Base

Social media dominance is a game of numbers. With greater number of followers, chances of having significant influence are high. Google might have backed out of the social signal-SEO connection but Bing hasn’t revealed anything close to that. In fact, the last time Bing talked about social media signal in a search engine watch interview, they confirmed that they look into the social authority of uses as one of the ranking factors. In case you were forgetting, Bing is the second mostly used search engine platform after Google.

In a further statement, it was indicated that they consider the number of followers a user have and the number of people he follow. If that is anything to go by then building your follower base through social channels like Facebook and Twitter is an easier way of soaring through the SERPs heights. It becomes even better when you are able to promote meaningful interactions with the users within the social media sites. Having a huge, inactive follower base might not hand over to you the desired outcomes. You should focus on gaining a steady base of interactive and easy-to-engage follower base in order to reap the most out of your SEO campaign efforts.

Take Advantage of Social Meta Tags

Meta tags and Meta descriptions aren’t just for web contents. They have a role in social media too. These HTML tags have critical roles to in determining the kind of information visible to your audience every time your URL is shared on social channels like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. By using Meta tags appropriately, it is easier for your social shares to get noticed and shared even more. In the process, there will be increased interaction and promoted activity, including link building, which is good for search engine optimization. To get the most out of this feature, you do not need to go into code view. You can simply take advantage of available plugins like Yoast, Socialize, and Raven.


With each increasing day, the wave of social media influence is surging deeper and deeper into the SEO world. For agencies and companies that are keen enough, there is no better way of increasing search engine optimization dominance than tapping into the huge potential of social media channels. By integrating the two and implementing the highlighted insights, you will be on your way to dominating the search engine race!

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk runs national digital search engine optimization firm headquartered in Minneapolis. Also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEOs and top agencies like LA SEO services. Feel free to email him for any inquiries. You can also follow him on twitter @Diwasiuk

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