5 of the Most Effective Ad Campaigns Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a huge problem in countries all over the world. Women who are abused often have no way to speak up and find themselves and trapped in violent cycles of battery and abuse. Knowing the signs and stopping the problem before it begins is a huge step for the public. The below advertisements have been some of the most influential in their time.

Influencers and Excuses

As part of a $30 million ad awareness campaign about domestic violence, the Australian government in Canberra has released an ad targeted at what they refer to as “influencers”. These are people who enable acts of violence. Phrases like “boys will be boys”, or “he’s doing it because he loves you” are often used to justify unspeakably brutal acts. The video ad features acts of disrespect towards women, and shows how a little disrespect can snowball into a violent relationship.

Women’s Aid Billboard

Using shock value in domestic violence ads isn’t a new thing. However, the billboard put up in London by Women’s Aid has added a new twist. Instead of a plain picture, their billboard is interactive. It features a woman’s battered face. But this billboard uses facial recognition technology to detect when people are looking at it. When someone looks at it, the bruises on her face gradually begin to heal. When someone ignores it, the bruises remain.

Coalition for Battered Women

This ad is a brief but powerful one minute video depicting a battered woman looking in the mirror. She touches up her bruises with makeup so that they disappear. But as the video continues, they keep reappearing. The ad’s intention is to show that the violence rarely stops. It’s important that people who are victims of domestic violence don’t delude themselves into thinking this type of behavior will magically change.

L.A. Police Department Campaign

This outdoor ad campaign in Los Angeles features seemingly romantic items or scenarios. But upon closer examination, they feature darker messages about the nature of domestic violence. For example, there is a classic candy heart with the words “I Hurt You”. The ad highlights the underhanded nature of domestic violence. What starts as a seemingly innocent partnership can sometimes end in misery. According to a Vancouver Domestic Violence Lawyer, people who are trapped in these types of relationships should seek legal help.

Amnesty International

5 of the Most Effective Ad Campaigns Against Domestic Violence
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Via adsoftheworld.com

This group released an ad campaign in France. One of the more effective aspects was a startling image of a woman being beaten at a fashion show. The ad is effective because it depicts domestic violence in an unusual setting. It reminds viewers that domestic violence happens to people across all social classes, ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic strata.

Domestic violence is a problem but with time, knowledge, and effort it can be corrected. These ad campaigns are just some a few ways we are learning and drawing attention to the issue.

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