4 Common Issues with Roofs That Need To Be Considered by Homeowners

Some are obvious but many issues with roofs are not always evident in the initial stages but invariably represent a major headache subsequently due to the extent of involvement required to deal with it and the expense. Typically, when a new roof is installed, it performs well for the first few years, however, as with many other things, the problems become more evident and common towards the end of the life of the roof. Even minor problems can escalate to really serious issues if proper maintenance is not undertaken. Some common problems that homeowners can expect to face with their roofs:

4 Common Issues with Roofs That Need To Be Considered by Homeowners
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Leaking and Moisture Ingress

Irrespective of the type of roof, leaks represent some of the most major problems that homeowners will face. Leaks in the roof can occur due to a number of reasons, including improperly fastened flashing during installation. A serious concern with bitumen roofs that are torch-applied is that of the roof leaking due to the flashing installation being improper. Another common reason is when an appropriate moisture barrier is not put in below coping gaps on parapet walls. Inadequate backwater and headwater laps are another type of an installation issue that can lead to the infiltration of water. With water getting under the membrane, the result could be leaks and blisters that grow to such an extent that they could lead to the roof failing. Even when the bitumen is cold-applied, you can have a situation of moisture infiltration if the materials were not properly stored and the adhesive is under-applied.

Reduction To In Wind Resistance, Blow-Offs, Billowing and Tenting 

When the flashing is not properly installed it may result in the seams and laps opening up and leading to blow-offs, reduction in puncture resistance, and even issues with code compliance. It is essential for the adhesive on cold-applied mod bit systems to be cured adequately because exposure to wind and rain before achieving that stage may lead to the ingress of moisture and damage the roof due to wind uplift.

Poor Workmanship and Installation 

Among the main causes of the roof’s life expectancy to reduce and cause a lot of problems is faulty workmanship. It is essential that the entire area is cleaned and dried properly before being primed to the extent required before installation. The problem goes often undetected because it is almost never possible for the homeowner to verify the adequacy of site preparation due to access constraints, however, these are the very things that can cause the roof to have issues, age or even fail prematurely. The only way these problems can be prevented is by hiring a Spring Texas contractor who has sufficient knowledge and experience of the necessary roofing techniques.

Improper or Lack of Maintenance

Being such a critical component of the home, it is very important for a homeowner not to neglect the maintenance of the roof. Most people tend to think that once the necessary investment has been made in a new roof they never need to think about it. However, it is this simple lack of awareness and knowledge that leads to problems being escalated to a level that can cause the roof to fail, warranties to be voided, and necessitating substantial expense in repairs. It is important for regular inspections to be done; typically these will be done by the contractor for the period that he had given a warranty on but thereafter homeowners are usually on their own. If you are not up to conducting roof inspections yourself, you can arrange for an annual inspection tobe conducted by the same roofer for an additional fee.


Roofing projects are never as simple as they look and you can expect a number of issues to affect the life expectancy of your roof. The best way of getting the best value of your investment is to hire an experienced and competent roofer and undertake periodic inspection and maintenance.

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