Choosing the Best Daycare Center for Your Dog

Dog daycare is supposed to be one of the most popular and fastest growing sectors in the existing pet care industry. With the evolution of human culture, the needs of pet owners have undergone a major change. Housing in the USA today provides little opportunity for your pet to enjoy enriched lives very much within the premises of your house as compared to the past. It is, therefore, a good idea to send your favorite pet to a well-known and reliable dog daycare facility to ensure complete safety and happiness to your loved pet.

Choosing the Best Daycare Center for Your Dog
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Everyone would prefer to just let their pets stay back at home. But sometimes, it becomes necessary for you to choose a daycare for your dog for his own good, especially, when you would be away from home for hours and your pet would have to be all by himself for such an extended time. It then becomes important for you to go around looking for the best daycare center for your dog.

Some Important Factors to Consider in a Nutshell

You must consider some important things while you are choosing the right doggie daycare facility for your beloved furry friend. Here are some points in a nutshell that you must check out:

  • Cleanliness of the premises
  • Well-trained & experienced staff
  • Constant supervision & monitoring by staff members
  • Vet on call facility available
  • Potential clients are allowed tours of the daycare facility
  • Efficient cooling and heating systems
  • Round the clock supervision if overnight boarding
  • Whether the American Boarding and Kennel Association’s member or not

Choosing the Best Dog Daycare

As dog daycare is a totally unregulated business, there is scope for anybody from any background to start a dog daycare facility without any kind of certification or relevant experience in the field. Hence, you need to be extra cautious and vigilant while choosing a dog daycare facility. You must interview the concerned staff and check out the relevant aspects to determine if a particular daycare facility is capable of taking care of your beloved furry friend. You must ensure that you are choosing a daycare that offers exceptional scientifically-oriented programs for your pets and that it is not a place for merely burning off your pets’ energy. So, how to go about choosing the most appropriate daycare for your precious pet? Visit reputed and reliable sites such as for seeking professional daycare assistance for your pets.

Realize that Referrals Are Important

You must turn to individuals you could trust and rely on most as that would yield the most fruitful dividends. You must start looking for referrals. You must welcome suggestions from friends, relatives, and acquaintances that you find reliable and responsible enough to share honest thoughts. You must remember to reach out to everyone within your online circuit through neighborhood websites and social media.

Do Online Research

You must conduct adequate online research. Check them out on Angie’s List, Yelp and of course, the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Use your unique search terms for finding places you wish to check out. Determine if the shortlisted dog daycare facility is authorized and accredited and has got good reviews.

Examine the Adult to Dogs Ratio

As per a number of canine behavior specialists, the adult to dogs’ ratio should be 1: 15. This implies that each adult staff member should not be responsible for more than 15 dogs. Just like child daycare, it would be better if there are smaller ratios. Dogs would be well looked after if an individual staff member requires supervising only a few dogs.

Check Out the Group Size

Any group should not exceed 10 to 15 dogs. Each dog must have at least, 75 to 100 sq. ft. of the play area which implies that for any group of 15 dogs, there should be a minimum of 1500 sq. ft. of the play area.

Assess Caregiver Qualifications & Relevant Experience

Your chosen dog daycare should have a team of experienced and well-qualified staff members. The staff members must have relevant educational qualifications and sound knowledge on dog behavior, Canine CPR, dog body language, play style, health issues, and of course, behavior management.

Look for Clean and Safe Facility

Any daycare facility you choose must be safe, 100% secure and comfortable for your pets. Fences should be constructed well and they should be pretty tall so that no dogs could jump or climb over. Double gates must be erected to rule out any escape cases. Big and small dogs must be kept separated and separate play areas must be allotted to them to ensure total safety and to avoid any untoward incidents.


You must visit the facility before finally, choosing it for your beloved pet. See how pets are being treated by the staff; if they are treating them with patience and love or with unjustified aggression. See if they are giving complete attention to the dogs. Are you finding the staff affectionate enough? Are the dogs displaying happy body language? Are the dogs screened before they are allowed into the facility? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself before taking the final plunge. Even after you have made the choice and your dog is going to the dog daycare facility, it pays to stay involved, alert, and communicative.

Author Bio: Evans Walsh has been a dog trainer for over two decades. He has been effectively conducting seminars for training dog daycare staff. He currently offers dog daycare consultations and runs his own blog. He recommends reputed and reliable sites such as for seeking professional daycare assistance for your pets.

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