Finally in Control: Simple Strategies to Stop Emotional Eating

If you are feeling a bit low or stressed out, it is not an unusual response to seek a bit of solace in the form of some sort of comfort food that we have a positive association with, but for some of us emotional eating can get out of hand.

Here are some tips and strategies to help you put a stop to emotional eating and gain better control of your responses to certain situations.

There is a look at how emotional eating is intertwined with a need for emotional healing, plus details of how a food journal can help, and some ideas for suitable distractions as a way of taking control.

Finally in Control: Simple Strategies to Stop Emotional Eating
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Emotional triggers

It could be argued that every time you reach out for food to soothe and comfort you, this is a response that has been triggered by a certain emotion.

You can eat to celebrate and want to enjoy feeling good about something, but you can also resort to food as a way of trying to block out bad feelings or emotional eating is the ability to find a suitable distraction that takes your mind away from your negative feelings.

Getting creative can be a good way to distract your mind in a positive way and stop you thinking about food.

If you go on Google Play you will find a coloring book app that could offer a viable solution. When you are feeling a bit stressed and are tempted to seek comfort in the form of food, try the calming effect of an adult coloring book on your phone to distract yourself in a positive way.

You could also try some yoga exercises, reading a book or any other activity that you can engross your mind in and take it away from thoughts of tackling your emotional state with food.

Ruby Cameron is a parent of 5-year-old twins and has struggled with her weight since before they were born. Since she wants the best for her kids, she is now also wanting the best for herself.

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