5 Movies Every Woman Must Watch in March

There are movies that are specially made for men, with tons of action and pretty exciting to see and enjoy with tons of popcorn and some friends. However, there are other movies that are actually better for women, that don’t only portray a good story that women can appeal to but are actually really interesting and fun to watch.

These movies are not the special movies of romance or just a drama, they portray good stories even some about real events of women who are going through hard times or just manage to do things that were not expected from them against all. You will have to choose between the 5 best movies for women from this list, with comedy, drama, history and even a thriller to enjoy.

Hidden Figures – Three Women in NASA

Hidden Figures: Movie Review
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This movie is based on a true story about three African-American women who are hired by the NASA to figure out about a mathematical problem and collect some data in order to help at launching the first missions to space.

With Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and the singer Janelle Monae who’s actually starting her career as an actress, portray these three women who are going to make things happen against all possibilities and racial discrimination. This movie is really good and we recommend it for any women, especially those who like science, with an especial message to send for young black people.

20Th Century Women – A Story of Three Women from the 70s

5 Movies Every Woman Must Watch in March
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This is a story of three women who are trying to just live to the fullest, with life’s problems like everybody else. However, this movie is not that simple, it depicts the life in a wonderful way and with certain relationships and problem that will make every woman relate to them, making it a fantastic and entertaining movie to watch.

Directed by Mike Mills who did an awesome job with beginners in 2010, alongside AnnetteBening, Elle Fanning, and Greta Gerwig, this movie is just perfect for any woman who wants to spend a nice time watching a great and fun movie with a wonderful message. We utterly recommend this movie, a really nice one for women to watch this month.

Elle – A Businesswoman and Her Rapist

5 Movies Every Woman Must Watch in March
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Yes, we totally know that the little description may not be too good and doesn’t sound right, but this movie is actually about that. A woman, a successful one who’s trying to locate the man who raped her by following him and trying to know more about him, but exactly why?

If you want to know, we recommend you to go watch it as we are not permitted to say it. This is a French movie from the great Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, portraying a really thrilling experience into the world of abuse and a pretty interesting plot. Go see it, as this movie was already released and it’s being praised by critics.

Toni Erdmann – A Dad and His Daughter

5 Movies Every Woman Must Watch in March
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This thought-provoking and comedy movie about a dad who’s trying to conquer his daughter heart again when he thinks he has lost it is just beautiful and emotionally touching. This movie is one of the funniest and most interesting ideas we’ve seen in a while, portraying the life of two persons who are totally related but are having problems to actually relate.

At the end, you will feel like everything was worth it, every single second of this movie is totally worth it. Plenty of funny scenes, heart-warming dialogues and a pretty important message at the end, this movie is one movie that daughters who love their fathers shouldn’t hesitate to watch in March, just beautiful.

Julieta – A Mother’s Pain

5 Movies Every Woman Must Watch in March
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This movie is a wonderful directed and written one about a woman and her daughter, with much more to portray than just a simple relationship. This story talks about how death can change everything in a family, how are children affected by it and how hard it can grow into anyone’s heart to lose someone, in this case, a woman.

With Julieta as the main character portrayed by Emma Suárez and Adriana Ugarte as the old and young version respectively, this movie is directed by Pedro Almodóvar, one of the greatest Spanish directors of all time. A story about broken hearts, isolation, and love; a really interesting movie for women to watch in March.

If you are a woman who wants to watch free movies streaming online and you’re looking for what to watch, these movie are the best for you, take look at least to one of them and we assure that you will have tons of fun using https://megamovies.cc.

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