For Feline Fanatics: Top Apps and Gadgets That Are the Cat’s Meow

There’s an app for that cat. That’s right; in a time when there’s an app for every person and hobby, there must be several for lovable feline companions. Technology has not neglected the cat. Here are top apps and gadgets for those who cherish the cat.

For Feline Fanatics: Top Apps and Gadgets That Are the Cat's Meow
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PetPace tracks your cat’s health data. Find information on calories, pulse rate, respiration, activity levels and more. It’s incredibly convenient for those who wonder what their cat is up to all day or want to pay special attention to a feline that has been sick or showing signs of aging.


Kittyo is like calling your cat’s smartphone. The gadget allows you to interact with your cat through sound and video while you’re elsewhere. It even allows you to activate a laser pointer so you can inspire exercise despite your distance.

Pawtrack GPS

For decades, owners with outdoor cats wondered where their friends went. Now, you can track your cat’s habits and whereabouts by viewing data that’s traced and uploaded every ten minutes. It’s Wifi enabled and recognizes your home network. Once your cat is back, it shuts off to save power.

Outdoor Heated House

What’s better than a cat clubhouse? A heated one, of course! An outdoor heated house keeps one to four cats cozy via an integrated heater. The angled and waterproof roof keeps kitties safe from the rain and dry. The dual exits allow cats to come and go freely, providing shelter without making kitties feel cornered.

Weather Live Free

Does your cat get anxious when it rains? Does your cat hide when it’s thundering? Does your cat like to go for strolls when it’s warm outside? Do you need to ensure your cat doesn’t get out due to incoming bad weather? You’ll have the wisdom of the weather forecast on your side with this handy app. Download the Android app for current weather updates.

Crazy Cat

Has your cat been bored and asking about an entertaining game to play?  Crazy Cat is here to save the day, providing your kitty with zany creatures that run around the screen until tapped on. If you have more than one cat, be prepared to teach them to share the iPad!


This app is the go-to resource for any cat owner who wants to keep tabs on medical resources as well as contacts for your cat’s health and wellness. Get tips on how to keep your cat happy and healthy and find out how to support the RSPCA and cats everywhere.

Relax My Cat

Who says cats don’t have musical preferences? These in-app tunes have been chosen for cats. Make them frisky, sleepy, or at peace depending on the tune. Of course, every cat is entitled to its own musical taste. Therefore, play around with the offered selections to compose your own cat playlist.

Cat Simulator

What’s life like as a cat? The Cat Simulator allows you to customize your cat player and get to prowling, prancing, scratching, spying, hiding and more adventurous things. Of course, it wouldn’t be a modern game without a multiplayer option. Begin interacting with other ‘cats.’

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