What you need to know about the Great American Solar Eclipse!

While numerous eclipses are expected to pass over America during the 2st century, the highly anticipated total eclipse is a phenomenon that no one wants to miss. Missing it means waiting for seven years before you can see another one. People around the United States are encouraged to come out and enjoy what has been described as the great eclipse.

What you need to know about the Great American Solar Eclipse!
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America’s Total Solar Eclipse

From mid-August, a high influx of both residents and tourists will be preparing for the moment when the shadow of the Moon touches the earth. Make sure you see this memorable sight by selecting a strategic position that you can view it from.

A glimpse of the Sun being eclipsed will be the first time that the total solar eclipse occurs in the United States in 26 years. For people who may have not had the chance to witness an eclipse, they can rest assured that the sight is one of the most beautiful occurrences that the planet has to offer.

Preparing for the Eclipse 

  • As August 21, 2017 approaches, eclipse enthusiasts can begin to choose their viewing locations early enough to avoid any risk of missing their goal of seeing the eclipse. Cities that are along the aptly named path of totality provide viewing areas to ensure that that people are comfortable as they enjoy the eclipse safely.
  • Counting down to the great American solar eclipse is one of the highlights of the entire experience. Preparations for the special day include making sure that you have all the photography equipment that you need, eye protection, telescopes, broadcast equipment, tables, chairs, appropriate clothing and sunscreen.
  • Weather forecasts will be closely monitored during this period with minimal concerns regarding a cloudy eclipse day, constant updates and making sure that no obstacles prevent people from observing the eclipse. Tours before the eclipse are available to enable individuals to be mentally prepared for the event.
  • Around August 19, 2017, scientists and photographers who plan to record the event will be making their lat-minute preparations. Actions and events have been planned for several years prior to the eclipse. These need to be practiced continually for optimal results. Everything has to be set up by this time as the big day finally arrives.

What you need to know about the Great American Solar Eclipse!
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Eclipse Day 

Eclipse day is officially August 21, 2017 and the shadow of the Moon will appear after going through space to collide with Earth. Astronomers already predicted decades earlier that the shadow’s arrival will be accurate.

North Pacific Ocean is the point of touch down at sunrise and this is the point where the Sun rises as it is totally eclipsed. Few people have been able to see this sight, including well-known eclipse researchers and supernatural is among the words that have been used to describe the scene. The complete shadow or umbral cone lands after a minute and races across the water’s surface at a tremendous speed.

The Journey 

The shadow’s passing will only be noticed when land gets in its way and this will be on American soil. The shadow makes its initial contact with land on the Oregon beach with almost 2 minutes worth of totality. This experience moves to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois (partial eclipse), Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and ends in South Carolina.

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