Why People are Using Memorial Diamonds As an Alternative Way to be Remembered

People have come up with some very ingenious ways to honor and give tangible memorials to those that have departed. You may even know some of them, such as the Lincoln Memorial, or the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, or even the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Even the Valley of the Kings is a memorial, which is over 500 years old. There are other memorials all over the world, from bronze statues of fallen leaders or busts of influential people. What makes them a memorial is the emotional tie to the people whom they loved most.

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial becomes a sacred place of healing and reverence. 

While there was a greater form of funding and manpower for these massive memorials, they may not be as feasible for the common family wishing to memorialize their loved ones. You may plant a tree in the backyard, have keepsakes of prized possessions, or even recycle some of their old clothing into quilts or pillows. Families are often left to their own devices to honor and remember the dead.

So how do the common families create memorials that will last a lifetime? One new option for creating a memorial for our loved ones are memorial diamonds.

Precious Memorials

Diamonds are symbolic precious gemstones of an eternal and very deep love. They are used as an expression of that kind of love whenever a couple get married. They are used in mother’s rings to signify that a child was born in April. Diamonds truly are eternal gemstones.

Diamonds themselves however, take millions of years to develop quite deep in the earth’s crust. Or, they can take months to be cultivated in a laboratory. Due to the very high value placed on diamonds, it is often recommended that you get also get a grading report from either the GIA or AGS to signify the 4 C’s of diamonds and to denote whether they are naturally occurring diamonds or laboratory cultivated ones.

The technology to produce synthetic diamonds has been around since the 1950’s, but the ability to produce them in masse has not. Memorial diamonds weren’t available prior to the early 2000’s, and since then there are a handful of companies creating memorial diamonds.

The process to turn a deceased’s ashes or hair into a diamond is a lengthy one, in which there is a lot of purification of the remains to remove all impurities. The remaining carbon is then used in a high pressure and high temperature machine for a length of time, which can range from a few days for smaller diamonds to a few months for a larger one.

A truly personal diamond, memorial diamonds don’t need to be done after dying. Because memorial diamonds can be made from hair samples, wouldn’t you rather give the gift that is not only a part of you, but a complete expression of the love that you feel?

Memorial Diamonds Are Graded and Certified

When most people set out to buy a diamond, they look for those graded reports that have a lot of information pertaining to the 4C’s, which is irrelevant for people who are opting for memorial diamonds. We don’t value the Cut, Clarity, Color, or even the Carat, we want to know if this is truly a diamond.

There is a reasonable fear in sending off a portion of your loved ones remains hoping that six months to a year later they will be returned to you as a diamond. But the official grading reports can put those fears to rest. Keep in mind that there will be a distinction between a naturally occurring diamond and a laboratory cultivated one.

A Memorial Diamond Is Special 

A memorial diamond is more than just a diamond, it is the physical embodiment of your dearly departed. Given the nature of a diamond, finding it a home in some setting is rather easy. While making a statue memorial may not be in the cards, affixing a diamond to something that the deceased left behind and putting it in their favorite spot does mean a lot more to the families that remain.


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6-prong setting is one of the most popular choices to mount a memorial diamond. 

When dealing with diamonds, colorless is often the status quo. Colored diamonds are in fact quite rare outside of a laboratory setting. You can expect memorial diamonds to be rather opposite of naturally occurring diamonds or most synthetic diamonds, with color ranging from hues of amber to blue depending on the nitrogen and or boron content and not the pure colorless nature of other diamonds.

Due to their size, memorial diamonds offer a wide range of benefits. They take up little room on their own, can be placed into almost any setting, or affixed to almost everything. That allows memorial diamonds to be a more emotionally powerful keepsake than anything else. It will be a piece of that person along with the choice of items.

This gives the memorial diamond a personality that you will not find in any other diamond.

Memorial Diamonds vs Traditional Options

Deciding on having a memorial diamond made does increase the funerary expresses in some cases. Some of your family members may see this extra expense as a trivial matter because they are getting a physical item that both honors and is a memorial to their loved ones.

Burials and a memorial diamond are not a seamless fit. Unfortunately, the process does require a hair sample and or a portion of the cremated remains. It is not entirely feasible to be able to do both. Women may have it easier than men because of societal norms, but family members can help bolster the hair requirement if needed. While it is not commonly done, cremated remains can be buried.

Since cremation ashes are refined and turned into diamonds during the process, there is a seamless fit with cremation processes and interment in most mausoleums or taking the ashes home in your urn. While the majority of the ashes may be housed elsewhere, there will always be a piece of the loved one close at hand with a memorial diamond.

The required amounts of hair or cremation ashes still leaves enough of the remaining ashes where it’s possible to adhere to final wishes like having those ashes being spread. If you really want to do something special, you can use some of the ashes for fireworks, as a part of an artificial reef, or many many other options.

Being Remembered

For those whom are left behind, it may not always be practical to go to a grave site or mausoleum. Because of the affairs that need to be tidied up after the death of a loved one, families may have to resort to moving, or other similar actions.

Memorial diamonds mean that the loved one is always with their family, be it on a plaque that can start a family tree, or on the finger of your spouse. Memorial diamonds do not take up much space so they are easily transported to any new home.

Being within arm’s reach in some cases brings comfort to the grieving family members. Bringing comfort to the family members left behind is of the utmost importance to the companies who choose to make memorial diamonds. Bringing them to a new life as a diamond can be a momentous journey. Family members can join in on this journey in a metaphysical sense, because we feel that those who left us behind are still with us.

Honor Your Loved One With a Memorial Diamond

It’s clear to see why memorial diamonds are becoming more popular. It is something that binds because it has a deep emotional connection. They are easily transported and can be placed in just about any setting imaginable. They are a piece of you for your family members to carry on with.

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Memorial diamond earrings will remind you the whispers from your beloved which bring you numerous happiness.  

Turning ashes into memorial diamonds is akin to becoming immortal. Diamonds are eternal, and so are memorial diamonds. Each memorial diamond is as personal and distinctive as the person whom transformed into one. Memorial diamonds are selfless and fierier than any other diamond, because of who made them.

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