Romance at Home: 4 Secrets to an Intimate Dinner Date with Your Spouse

While it may have its own challenges, love is a beautiful experience. There’s nothing like knowing someone loves you and is thinking about you. When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to invest time and effort to make sure it stays alive. When you neglect the relationship, it will eventually die.

Romance at Home: 4 Secrets to an Intimate Dinner Date with Your Spouse
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To keep the fire burning, many couples instill a weekly or bi-monthly date night. This allows them some time to connect, talk and enjoy one another. It’s great to switch up and do different activities for date nights. Movies, bowling and live concerts are all great options. However, if you’re looking for a divinely intimate experience, consider an intimate dinner date with your spouse.

1. Attire 

It’s always fun to dress up and put your best foot forward. As you get comfortable with your spouse, it can become easy to get used to each other and avoid getting fancy. It’s important to do your best to look great and it’ll do wonders for your self-esteem. Take the time out to go shopping and get a great outfit. Gentlemen should get a fresh haircut and ladies should get their hair and nails done. Consider matching with a similar color scheme and take lots of pictures.

2. Delicious Meal

Make sure to choose a restaurant that has great reviews. Take a look at different websites and review restaurants to find out what the hottest places in town are. It’s also great to check the local paper to find out where people are dining. Take a look at the menu and be sure to allot the right amount of money for it.

3. Entertainment

It’s really great to experience fine dining along with great entertainment. Whether it’s a dinner theater, comedy club or live music in a restaurant, pick a place that adds a lot of excitement to the senses. If you and your partner used to enjoy a night of dancing, find a great lounge that provides a decadent meal and gives you an opportunity to dance off those added calories.

4. Privacy 

An intimate dinner date with your spouse should never be a double date. This should be a time when you can shut off the rest of the world and enjoy each other. If you have children, send them off to their grandparents’ home or put them under a babysitter’s care. Don’t let the party end when you get home. Prepare a special bottle of wine from places like JJ Buckley Fine Wines and enjoy intimate moments with one another without interruption. When you have privacy, you’re more inclined to be uninhibited with one another.

These four secrets will truly take your marriage to another level when it comes to date nights. Enjoy spending time with one another and savoring the beauty of your relationship. As long as you and your partner remain intentional in this area, you’ll be able to experience a happily married life.

Romance at Home: 4 Secrets to an Intimate Dinner Date with Your Spouse
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