Bash Of The Year: Ingenious Strategies For Holding The Ultimate Casino Night

It’s a good bet that guests will enjoy your next party with a casino night theme. From black and red decorations to fun foods that you would normally find in a casino, there are several ideas that you can use to make the party a success and one that is remembered for months to come. Keep in mind that you need to decide in advance whether the games that are at the party will use cash and monetary prizes or if you will have some type of token system that is for fun.

Bash Of The Year: Ingenious Strategies For Holding The Ultimate Casino Night
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Dealing Away

You want to get someone to dress up like a dealer for all of the games that you have at the event. It would be best to find someone who works in a casino who you might be able to hire for the evening. The person could talk and act in the same way that the person would while at work. There are sometimes people online who are looking for ways to make a little extra money, and this would be a fun way to keep the event authentic.

Getting The Equipment

Place an order for the equipment that you will need a few weeks ahead of the event. This will give companies, like CoCo Events, time to get the tables ready and the smaller items packaged that you will need. An ultimate casino night is more than just a few card tables. It should include blackjack and poker tables along with roulette tables and even a few video games. There should be at least three or four games that guests can play with plenty of space between each table for guests to stand.

Create A Theme

Decide on a theme that is fun for everyone. Consider basing the party off of one of the casinos in Las Vegas. Choose decorations that go along with the casino, such as white lights and gold. You also want to select food that will blend well with the event, such as small liquor bottles or appetizers. You could even have someone walk around the room to offer peanuts and drinks to guests.

All About The Money

One of the fun reasons to throw a casino event is to raise money for a special cause. It could be to help a family in need or to help an organization that needs money. However, you want to work inside your budget as an all-out casino event can get pricey.

Plan ahead for a casino event that is all about the fun and games. Send out invitations early as this will help you get the games and food in line. Make sure guests and those who are helping understand that rules of the games that are played before the party begins.

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