Taking Care of Your Teeth When You are Pregnant

Dental care during pregnancy doesn’t necessarily involve a routine which is much different from the usual rules of maintaining proper oral hygiene, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind just to be safe. It’s more about making subtle changes and practicing extra caution than anything else really, but the following tips are essential knowledge nevertheless. Read on to find out how you can practice perfect dental hygiene while ensuring the well-being of both yourself and your child.

Taking Care of Your Teeth When You are Pregnant
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Get Your Procedures Done Early

If it’s a planned pregnancy, then make sure that you get any pending major dental procedures done before you get pregnant. It’s safer that way and there’s no guarantee when you will be fit enough to go for treatment once you are pregnant. Even if you don’t have a problem right now, go to the dentist for a full check-up to make sure that no major problem pops up while you are six months into your pregnancy. If you must go for a procedure after you are pregnant, it’s best to go for it during the early months.

Keep Your Dentist and Your Obstetrician Informed

Always keep both your doctors and your dentists informed about each other’s suggestions and prescriptions. The dentist must be informed about the state of your body and the medications that you are taking, in order to be able to treat you safely. Based on the suggestion of your obstetrician, he/she will make changes in your dental plan to accommodate your current condition.

Most Regular Procedures are Safe during Pregnancy

Unless you are going for something particularly stressful, most regular procedures like cleaning, checking, X-rays, etc. can be done safely nowadays even when you are pregnant. If you are worried about X-rays affecting the baby, rest assured that your abdominal area and other vulnerable spots like the thyroid will be shielded properly during the scan.

Go for Regular Checkups

Unknown to many, periodontal or gum diseases have a higher chance of affecting you when you are pregnant. In fact, the chance of developing bleeding painful gums is higher in pregnant women due to a condition is known as pregnancy gingivitis. This makes it all the more essential for you to go for regular visits to the dentist.

Be Extra Careful with Your Oral Hygiene

As mentioned earlier, diseases of the gum are quite common in pregnant women and therefore, it’s all the more necessary to practice regular dental hygiene diligently for making sure that you don’t face any oral hygiene issues.

Knowledge is the key here so it only helps further if you are aware of important facts about the health of teeth. It enables you to take precautions of your own and understand the instructions of the dentist and the doctor more clearly.

Finally, don’t let all this get to you because when you think about it, all it takes is a bit of knowledge and some common sense to take care your teeth when you are pregnant.

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