Going on a Blind Date? 5 Ideas for Getting to Know Each Other

Blind dates can be incredibly awkward while they’re going on and somewhat anxiety-provoking before they even occur. This shouldn’t have to be the case. Even if they end up not working out well, blind dates can be fun and relatively stress-free for both people. A first date is really meant to be an icebreaker where you get to know the basics about one another, and the best way to do that is to focus on casual fun. The following five ideas can help you get to know your blind date a little bit better.

Going on a Blind Date? 5 Ideas for Getting to Know Each Other
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1. Meet Somewhere Comfortable

Meet somewhere that is comfortable for both you and your blind date. A quiet and moderately inexpensive location that your friends do not frequent (such as a local brewery, pub, or coffeehouse you have been wanting to try) is the ideal setting for a first date. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous and like being active, you might try heading to the local bowling alley for a few friendly (and inexpensive) games and grub.

2. Relate, Don’t Interrogate

Instead of launching into a series of questions that rival the abilities of most criminal investigators, try telling your date a fun (and first date-appropriate) fact about yourself. This eases the conversation from small talk to digging into personality aspects without applying too much pressure. Find some common ground and build up from there. For example, if you both own dogs, talk about something funny your dog once did.

If you are having a hard time relating to your date, or if they seem a bit too reserved, ask questions based on what you already know about them and their life. Ask them about what inspired them to pursue their college degree or line of work, then offer up a few tidbits about yourself.

3. Ask for a Small Favor

One of the best ways to immediately begin establishing a bond of trust is to ask your blind date for a small favor. For example, if you are getting coffee, ask your date if they would not mind grabbing you a sugar packet or an extra napkin. Remember, it is important to always be gracious. If your date asks a small favor of you, be considerate and thoughtful with how you respond. Avoid asking for large favors or accepting requests for large favors. Favors should not seem sexual or desperate, especially on a blind first date.

4. Play Actual Games, Not Mind Games

Steer the date away from a question-and-answer job interview by playing some actual games. This is what makes going mini-golfing, bowling in Parker, CO, or ice skating particularly fun and effective in breaking the ice on a blind date. If you opt to go out for coffee, try to find a coffee house that has board games for you and your date to play. Just remember that, if you win, you act the part of the gracious winner. If you lose, show your date that you can handle the loss by not being a sore loser. Just relax, have fun, and play real games, not mind games.

5. Plan for a Quick Date

While this doesn’t mean the date will end up being quick, first dates are best kept short and sweet. Plan to spend an hour or two on the date, and have a time limit set in advance. If things end up going well on the date, don’t worry – you can extend your time together! If the date quickly sours, then you have a planned exit that will not prolong your misery.

Blind dates tend to end up being fantastic stories to tell your friends and family about whether they go really well or spectacularly fail. Since the point of dating is to find someone who is compatible for you, try to remain open-minded before you meet your date and focus on having a good time while you are out on your blind date. And hey, If you’re meeting someone online, you can always be sure to check reivews of the site first at places like https://bestwebdatingsites.com.

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