How Women Can Become Bold & Empowered Through Martial Arts

How Women Can Become Bold & Empowered Through Martial Arts
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One in three women experience some kind of physical violence in their lives, whether it’s physical or sexual assault and violence, UN Women. While legal systems around the world are catching up and offering some relief for these victims, many women have taken matters into their own hands. These women are learning martial arts. If you’re thinking about taking up karate or krav maga (or any other form of martial arts) to feel more empowered, here are some things you’ll want to know:

You’re In Good Company

Rhonda Rousey is a martial arts champion and the heroine for many up-and-coming fighters. Many women are inspired by champions such as these. This leads them onto the training mat, even during the times that they don’t feel quite as confident. Over time, these same women begin to feel empowered by watching other women fight and win.

Getting Stronger

It’s difficult to perform well for long in martial arts if you’re not in shape. While many start out in martial arts so that they can defend themselves, they end up getting addicted to looking and feeling better. Don’t expect changes to happen to you all at once. Take it step by step and monitor your progress. Overtime, you’ll become pleased with the results as you realize how far you have come.

Fighting Bigger Opponents

From a physical-size standpoint, women are at a disadvantage. Most men are larger than the average woman and unfortunately, many women find themselves being attacked by men. Martial arts training forces women to fight bigger opponents, whether they be taller and bulky women or even men.

Training isn’t only physical. There is mental training and even “strategic” training. For example, a martial arts instructor may tell his/her students to wear clothing, like that from Bad Girl Brazilian Fitness Wear, that hugs the body. This is harder to grab onto during a fight and during the training process. Training is attitude in look and in ability. Martial arts help women develop this attitude.

That Something Extra

Empowered women exude calmness and confidence. Many long-time martial artists report that they begin to feel this way after many years of training. There is something about them that positive people gravitate toward. It’s also an attitude that repels those who would do them harm. Whatever it is, martial arts give women a certain quality that they might not develop any other way.

Many women are the victims of violence each year. As a result, many of them take up martial arts as a way to defend themselves. After a time, they feel more empowered on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

Additionally, some women wind up on the mat, so to speak, because of another martial artist. They are inspired by the Rhonda Rouseys of the world. Finally, women gain confidence because they must fight bigger and stronger opponents. This lifts the mental barriers that many of them have, also causing them to feel more empowered.

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