The Price of Vices: 4 Under-the-Radar Addictions That Can Ruin Your Family Life

Addictions may seem like simple pleasures at first. Unfortunately, that’s the trap with any addiction. It starts out at a pleasurable interest. Gradually, it can turn into something that’s life-altering and all-consuming. Not only can it alter your own life, it can ruin your family life. When it comes to addiction, most people think about the most popular ones like drug and alcohol addictions. However, there are many addictions that fly under the radar.

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Social Media

Though it started out as a way to keep in touch with friends and family members, social media has become an addiction for so many people. In fact, many people make it a point to detox from social media at least once or twice a year. Many people check their social media apps before they start their day. This truly isn’t a healthy way to start. It can also ruin your family life because it’s easy for some to spend more time scrolling on an app instead of fully engaging with their families. Give yourself a time limit and schedule in the times you’ll check social media. If it’s too much, just delete your accounts altogether. Your family life isn’t worth it.


Pornography has the power to truly destroy intimacy. If you’re desiring to maintain a level of intimacy with your spouse, looking at porn will only make things harder. Pornography promotes self-stimulation and when you do this, you don’t need someone else anymore. Your partner wants to feel wanted and desired. The more you’re glued to pornography, the more you’ll replace a human being with images on a screen. If you or a loved one is already being impacted by this, make sure to seek help immediately from a support service, like The Mindful Habit.


Workaholics are often credited with having great work ethics and getting the job done. It’s something that society seems to think is okay and, often, praises. Many people are okay with living by the idea that you should work until you die. Yet, this is so unhealthy because you should work to support an ideal lifestyle, but you can’t be controlled by it. When you’re on your deathbed, you don’t want to be surrounded by all the cases you won or all the money you earned. You’ll want to be surrounded by all the people who love you and care about you. As you work to support your life, don’t allow it to take over and replace your life.


Many people are addicted to other people. Whether it’s for social validation or approval, there are some who struggle with prioritizing their family into the mix. Some people are also addicted to other people due to extra-marital affairs. If you’d like to ruin your marriage and family life in a disastrous way, stepping outside of the marriage to entertain others will do it. Get counseling and support. Become transparent with your family and accountability partners. You can overcome this.

If you don’t take full responsibility in handling an addiction, it can overtake you and completely ruin your life. As someone with a family, you want to make sure you’re able to show up for them and be present in their lives. As long as you catch the signs sooner than later, you can avoid the breakdown of your family.

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