Batteries, Tanks and E-Liquids: An Interesting Introduction to the Wide World of Vaping

The wide world of vaping is expansive. There is so much to discover as innovations in the vaping space are constantly evolving. You need to get a better understanding of batteries, tanks, and eliquids. First, here’s what you need to know about mods…

Batteries, Tanks and E-Liquids: An Interesting Introduction to the Wide World of Vaping
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Mechanical and Regulated Mod Pen

You’ll come across labels such as regulated and mechanical. A regulated mod pen has safety measures set in place to keep the batteries from overcharging or the device from overheating. Mechanical mods are for those who like to tinker. Basically, it’s a bare case with no safety precautions to prevent the battery from overheating, etc. Mechanical mods can be highly dangerous when used incorrectly.


You’ll need to recognize two types of atomizers, rebuildable and rebuildable drippable. You have to build the tank yourself in both cases. The rebuildable has a tank that holds ejuice. In the drippable, you have to drip ejuice on wicks. It’s nice to have the benefit of relaxing without continuously adding ejuice. However, if you have a fickle palate and like to switch often, the drippable option is more convenient.

Why Use a Mod?

Plenty of products are on the market and one who vapes does not need to use a mod. So, why do people use them? Well, you can ‘modify’ the smoking experience further. A mod allows one to dictate the potency of a hit as well as toggle the immediate output of the battery. It makes the smoking experience unique. Like a batter holds the bat or a tennis player swings the racquet, the same result is sought but the method changes per player.

Parts of a Mod

The outer casing of a mod could be smaller, resembling a cigarette, or quite larger, looking like a tube. Basically, the outer casing delivers power to the atomizer. The atomizer features a wick made of one or more coils. It may also have a side reservoir for holding eliquid. The battery is what dictates the potency of each hit. Some components come with built-in batteries, yet purists seek components free of any internal parts that can’t be hacked. Coils are made of different components but those made of Nickel are considered the safest.

Clearomizer and Cartomizer

A clearomizer is a common style of atomizer. It can be filled and has a replaceable coil head. Also, adjustable airflow ensures moderate vapor and flavor production – so a beginner can’t overdo it. A cartomizer has a removable mouthpiece or a removable tip that holds the wick and eliquid. They produce little flavor and have restricted airflow.

Not for Beginner’s

Most mods require you to wrap a coil around the wick yourself. There are other things you’ll need to configure too, like power and resistance. It’s the reason why mods are not for beginners. Beginners lack the experience to properly gauge a mod. It doesn’t mean a beginner won’t gain the knowledge. It’s just that it will likely cause more frustration than pleasure for a beginner.

Single or Double Coil

The coil is heated and responsible for turning the eliquid into vapor. So, there’s a major difference between operating a mod with one or more coils. The double coil is going to produce more vapor and flavor. However, users report that double coils cause them to burn through eliquid quicker. Diligent smokers change coils often to ensure big clouds of smoke and a great taste.


Don’t get too focused on a mod and components alone. All of that operation needs to result in a pleasurable smoking experience. And, no resistance, battery, or coil can compensate for an ejuice that you just don’t like that much. Therefore, be critical yet open-minded when choosing an eliquid. Some choose the same brands and flavors all the time while others switch things up often. Find variety at Vaporesence.

Size of the Device

Larger devices offer more options and the battery lasts longer between charges. Yet, a large device can be cumbersome to transport. Size is something to consider if you plan to carry your device with you. Usually, a smaller device limits the number of associated features.


Sub-ohm atomizers have larger spaces for the juices and feature a much better airflow. Plus, they are adjustable. The atomizers are made specifically for sub-ohm vaping. It makes for premium flavor yet users don’t have to build their own coil.

 Coil Resistance

A coil’s resistance influences how a mod operates. Lower resistance coils are larger and feature more surface area. More juice can be collected, delivering better flavor and more vapor. However, a lower resistance coil requires more power to operate. You’ll have a lower battery life and require more frequent charging. Lower resistance coils generate more heat, which makes the vapor warmer. Too much heat could cause a foul taste, burns, or battery damage.

Demi Gibbs is a former smoker who found help in the form of vaping. Always looking for the latest information on e-liquids and vaping, she loves to share what she finds on many lifestyle websites.

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