5 Beauty Products to Carry in Desert Safari

Proper planning before your trips is must and one of the most necessary things. When you go out for travel, you should be planned where you going, when you will be back. You must be full of excitement at that time. You already know what things to carry that time especially when you are planned to go to deserts. Extremely high temperature in the day time and cold at night results in high risk of heat stroke and skin problems, so beauty conscious women will never forget to carry her beauty care and skin care products. There are many online portal like Althea, where one can easily find beauty products of your choice. Here are some products given below which will help you to have safe healthy and beautiful trip so don’t forget carry these products when you travel to desert safari.

5 Beauty Products to Carry in Desert Safari
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1. Sunscreen

As there is much hot in deserts the direct ultraviolet rays can harm your skin and you may not look at your best, so applying sunscreen before you go out of your room will be the best option. As the photons present in the sunscreen help you to protect your skin from the sunburn. This lotion will also make you feel fresh and beautiful in the extremely hot desert area.

2. Hair care products

Your trip won’t be of 1 or 2 day so in this much hot you can’t protect your hair from the direct sunlight and can’t resist them from getting dry, dull and dirt free if you don’t have these hair care products.

  • Shampoo– Shampooing your hair after 2 days will remove the dirt and make your hair look fresh and alive.
  • Conditioner- A conditioner if kept for days will hydrate your hair and make them look shiny, glow and smooth.
  • Serum– a good hair serum will protect your hair from exposure to sun and it also helps your hair. So, don’t forget to carry these hair care products in your adventurous trip.

3. Lip balm

As you are a fashion-conscious lady so even during the desert area you will never want to look dull and low. So this hot scorching will make your lips look dry and dull which will surely madden a beautiful lady, so I suggest carrying a long lasting lip stick which gives you a soft and fresh looking lips. Your lip color should not be much darker or much lighters it should such that which give your lips natural and seductive look.

4. Beauty papers and cleanser

Beauty papers help in cleaning skin and cleaning your makeup, not cleaning your makeup but also prevent your skin from acne. Cleanser cleans your skin from dirt; prohibit excess dirt from entering into your pores it also minimize the visibility of pores in short both these products clean the excessive dirt, clean your skin and make you look fresh.

5. Deodorant

Deodorant is necessary in this hot weather as excessive sweating can make your body smell bad, carrying deodorant will make your body smell good and you will feel fresh throughout the day   and will enjoy your energy at your best with your loved ones.

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