Vaping and E-Cigs – Your Guide to the Must-Try Flavors of 2017

E-cigarettes and vaping is a growing market with more and more people showing interest in the products. With that said, manufacturers have been stepping up as of late by concocting all kinds of exciting and new flavors for people to sample. Whether you’re into sweet, fruity, savory, or more traditional flavors, there are a number of must-try options for 2017.

Vaping and E-Cigs - Your Guide to the Must-Try Flavors of 2017
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Mixed Drinks with Fruity Notes

One of the hottest trends right now is to replicate mixed drinks. This includes things such as Pina Coladas, Margaritas, the Bloody Mary, and so much more. The majority of these mixed drink replicas tend to be sweeter flavors and have a lot of fruity notes to them.

Dessert Flavors – Continuing with the Sweet Vibe

Continuing on with the sweet flavor are the ever-popular dessert flavors. These actually became big in 2015/2016 and look to be continuing this year. Things such as strawberry shortcake, custard, cheesecake, and chocolate cake are all quite popular examples. Keep in mind that for some people these sweeter flavors are bit heavier, therefore you may not be able to take quite as much of them.

Fresh Flavors – Clear the Palate

If the sweet flavors are a bit too much for you, then you may enjoy more of the fresh flavors that almost act as palate cleansers. Things such as lemon, lime, citrus combinations, and mint are all excellent options and proving to be popular in 2017.

Tobacco Flavor – Still a Popular Choice

Even though this one isn’t exactly a “flavor” it is still among the most popular ones out there. People just like sticking to that traditional flavor they know, so this one never seems to go out of style. Now, though, there seem to be some uniqueness is infusing these traditional tobacco flavors with other notes such as coffee or espresso. These combinations are making for some rather trendy flavors.

Create Your Own Flavor

Let’s not forget there are some places that allow you to create your own flavor, which allows you to really customize the e-liquids. You can even do this at home by combining a few of your favorites to see what you come up with.

How to Sample Various Trending Flavors

While you can certainly go to the store and do your best to find all the latest and most luxurious e-liquids available, another much simpler option is to sign up for the Auster subscription box at This is a monthly subscription box that is delivered straight to your door and contains four e-liquids and exclusive vaping accessories.

Each month, the box has a value of $95 yet you’ll only be paying $55. It makes for a fun way to sample a variety of products you may not otherwise be able to get your hands on.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When it comes to the must-try flavors of 2017, people are being encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and try something they wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. With so many interesting and unique flavors being developed, you just never know what might become your next favorite.

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