Public Vaping Best Practices: How To Spark Up Without Getting Everyone Down

Vaping offers plenty of benefits yet not all members of society champion the act or those who smoke anything at all. You should continue your journey to cut down on nicotine but don’t do it at the sake of public castigation. Here’s how to spark up without letting down others around you.

Public Vaping Best Practices: How To Spark Up Without Getting Everyone Down
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Plan Ahead

Know the laws in your area so you can plan ahead. For example, some vapers in the UK buy e liquids in bulk from online vendors otherwise escaping the limitations of local sellers. Since vaping is fairly new, laws and regulations are bound to evolve. Defining credible news sources will help you take action and plan accordingly.

Just Ask

Ask those around you if it’s okay to spark up in a public area. At worst, it could be illegal to do so and you could get a fine. At best, those around you may not care if you take a quick hit to satisfy your nicotine urge. Vaping is becoming more widely accepted and it’s usually understood that the emitted vapor is less offensive than cigarette smoke.

Don’t Toke and Drive

A passing police officer could mistake your vape device for one containing marijuana. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention. That goes for other drivers who may report you and your suspicious driving habits. Lastly, you want to be a good role model to young children and teen drivers. It’s best to wait until you’re somewhere safe and away from the car before you start vaping.

Find Local Getaways

Find local areas free of crowds and young children. Take a five-minute stroll into the woods to vape. Or, drive somewhere remote and reserve an hour to relax and enjoy your e liquids. Otherwise, you may find yourself fiending a hit and unaware of a safe place to go and get a fix.

Consult Forums

Read online forums and peruse popular websites dedicated to e liquids and the vaping pastime. You’ll get more than a few ideas regarding vaping etiquette, where to save on supplies, and reviews on new and improved e liquids. Get familiar with popular sites, magazines, and online personalities who regularly discuss vaping and the latest products.

Realize Flavor Matters

You may enjoy the smell of citrus and get compliments on its aroma from friends and family members. But don’t assume your next choice of e liquid will go over as well. What smells good to one person may offend another. Being mindful of others is necessary for those who live with roommates, spouses, and young children.

Keep It Professional

As always, err on the side of caution when it comes to job interviews, meetings with superiors, and outings related to your profession and career. While you may be obeying local laws, vaping in front of a boss or potential business partner could make a poor impression. Keep it professional and save the vaping for when you’re away from work and related personnel.

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