How to stay healthy and feel lighter with natural solutions

Looking good and feeling good is a benefit of any effective diet plan. Weight management can be confounding. Each person has a different ideal weight and ideal body fat index. We end up comparing our weights and fat distributions to our friends and family. Sometimes, we take inspiration from celebrities to either lose weight or gain some.

How to stay healthy and feel lighter with natural solutions
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Ideal weight is highly variable

In reality, each person’s ideal shape determines his or her ideal weight. Your body shape primarily depends on your genetics. You may have already heard compliments like, “Wow, you have your mother’s slender wrists” or “You have your aunt’s beautiful long legs.” That is exactly how genetics work. They pass down certain traits from the previous generation to the next.

People with long limbs, tend to look much slimmer than they are. People with square shoulders and broad pelvic regions, tend to look more robust. Depending on how broad you are and how tall you are, your BMI will vary considerably. Interestingly enough, healthy weight according to Netherlands standard is quite different from healthy weight according to UK or US standards.

BMI is not foolproof

Your BMI or body mass index shows the ratio between the person’s weight in Kg and (square of) height in meters. There are hundreds of websites, where you can instantly calculate your BMI. Most of these websites also indicate of your BMI is ideal. Ideal BMI will vary according to a person’s body measurements.

An Olympic runner will have a significantly higher BMI than an average human being. Muscle weighs more than fat. However, most BMI calculators do not take that into account. A person suffering from osteoporosis may show a lower BMI. That does not necessarily mean they are healthier than the ones with a higher BMI.

Try WHR for better analysis

You should try the Waist-Hip-Ratio to find out your fat distribution. This gives a good idea about your health and ideal weight. If your WHR is above 1, you may be at a high risk of obesity-related illnesses.

For many, regular exercises or small diet changes do not help since they have health conditions that interfere with their body metabolisms. For example, people who suffer from hypothyroidism do not have enough thyroid hormones to help metabolize fat. Diabetic individuals have a tough time yo-yo between healthy weight and obesity throughout their lives.

Natural weight loss process

If you have been struggling with a similar metabolic disorder, you can try apple cider vinegar. It lowers blood sugar levels, improves metabolism and reduces fat storage. Apple cider vinegar weight loss is very effective if you know how to use it. Always use organic ACV. Add one teaspoon of it to a cup of water (preferably warm) and drink it once a day. Keep increasing the amount until you can consume about two tablespoons of vinegar in a cup of water.

ACV is non-toxic and ideal weight varies on between two people depending on age, sex, profession and body type. You should consult your doctor before starting this regime if you are confused about your ideal body weight.

Author Bio: Grace Miller is a fitness expert. She has trained in several ways of natural healing. If you need to know, anything related to apple cider vinegar weight loss and other natural weight loss techniques asks Grace.

How to stay healthy and feel lighter with natural solutions
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