Changing Your Career After Childbirth

Changing Your Career After Childbirth
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When you leave work to start your family and raise your kids the time away can give you a little perspective on your job and your career. If you feel like you’ve been treading water and under stimulated then motherhood is exactly the kind of big change that you need to shake things up in your career. But knowing where and how to begin can be tricky, especially when you’re preoccupied with the business of being a new Mom.

Whether you’re thinking of undergoing an engineering masters degree online, or simply thinking of making a personal hobby like photography, baking or interior design into a lucrative home business, it’s important to embrace the change before you go back to work and begin treading water all over again.

Know what motivates you

If you’re going to be giving up your old job to begin studying then you’re probably prepared for the harsh realities of being a student parent. Since your motivation will be what sees you through the hard times, it’s important to understand it and use it as a talisman.

If you’ve long harboured a yearning for knowledge and change then clinging to the opportunity that you now have to do this will be hugely motivating for you. If you’re simply terrified and nauseated at the thought of going back to your old job then this can be an equally powerful motivator (although there’s no shame in going back for a few months to see if you can make it work, most find that parenthood gives them a perspective that makes them far happier and less stressed at work)..

Let your interests guide you

If you were bored and unfulfilled in your old job then it’s important that you’re not equally bored and unfulfilled in your next one. You should let your interests and passions drive you, rather than focusing on what will make you the most money. Yes, you have a family to provide for now, but kids will take a happy, well adjusted parent over a stressed and irritable but wealthy parent any day of the week.

Involve your partner

While your partner will likely be supportive of anything that makes you happier and more fulfilled, it’s important to involve them right from the start, especially since they may have to make some sacrifices in the name of budgeting or even help you to fund your learning. Most likely they’ll be excited and enthusiastic and this will be incredibly reaffirming for you. They might also have some ideas and knowledge that they can bring to the table to help you to visualize, flesh out and realize your new plans.

Build a support network

Involving your partner is important and while they’re a huge part of your support network, even if you’re a single parent you’re far from alone. Reaching out to friends and family for advice and support will be invaluable to you, as will reaching out to the online community of fellow parents. Many will likely have gone through (or be going through) something similar.


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