5 Outdoor DIY Projects To Tackle This Summer and Fall

Summer and fall are great times to tackle a few DIY projects that can beautify your backyard. Your outdoor space is one of the most versatile areas of your home and you can improve it with easy, simple, and cheap renovations. Plus, you can get your family members involved and keep them busy creating spaces they’ll use and love. To make the best out of the two seasons, get your hands dirty and bring your creative flair outside with the following five outdoor projects.

A Bench With Succulents

5 Outdoor DIY Projects To Tackle This Summer and Fall
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Image via Flickr by CasparGirl

Succulents are amazing plants to have at home. They are low maintenance and look great in your landscape. Design company Kailo Chic suggests taking a simple bench and adding your favorite succulents. You don’t need to use saws or heavy tools, and you can get your kids involved in the project, too.

Outdoor Canopy

Do you have a sand box or a space where your kids love to play? If you worry about them getting exposed to the sun for too long, an outdoor canopy can offer great protection for the little ones without taking them out of their playtime. Build it with simple materials and enjoy the best of summer weather together while protecting them from the sun.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

5 Outdoor DIY Projects To Tackle This Summer and Fall
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Image via Flickr by rrriles

Being outdoors can sometimes attract unwelcoming guests. To help you end the mosquitos once and for all, you can reuse wine bottles and turn them into lovely tiki torches. With only a few steps, you can make a wine bottle tiki torch, and your days and nights outdoors can be much more pleasurable.

Keep Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit Free From Encroaching Vegetation

Having a huge air conditioner outside of your home usually doesn’t attractive. You can make a protective fence to help your unit blend in with your outdoor landscaping. When installing this fence, be sure to keep vegetation away from your air conditioner for easier maintenance and service.

Sand and Water PVC Table

If you have kids, you probably know how much they love water and sandy environments. Why not make them a special place where they can play and have fun without creating a huge mess for you? A sand and water PVC table is perfect for summer days and is sure to keep those little hands busy.

Vertical Herb Garden

5 Outdoor DIY Projects To Tackle This Summer and Fall
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Image via Flickr by foodlander.com

Having fresh herbs at home is always an easy way to add flavor to delicious food. Even if you have a small backyard, you can create a herb garden with your favorite seasonings. Life Storage offers a way you can give your backyard a great vertical landscaping feature with herbs and help your backyard smell amazing, too. Materials such as wood pallets offer an easy way to recycle products and create something new for your outdoor living space.

Improving your backyard is simpler than it sounds, and you can have fun with the above projects that can make your life outdoors more decorative.

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