How to Throw a Pool Party That Everyone Will Remember

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A pool party is an exceptional way for you to make amazing memories with family and friends. When hosting a pool party, however, a considerable amount of pressure falls on your shoulders. After all, your planning efforts play a major role in how fun and enjoyable the event is for all of your guests. Follow these helpful tips to plan an amazing event that everyone will love.

Choose Your Décor with Care

It is easy to overlook décor when planning a pool party, but this is a mistake. You need to dress up your yard and patio to make the space look festive and fun and to set this day apart from any other day your guests may have enjoyed an afternoon in your backyard. Choosing a theme is a great idea, but you can also simply invest in patio lights, tiki torches, table clothes and other items to give your space a more upbeat feel.

Plan Your Menu

Many people combine a pool party with a barbecue, but this is not always necessary. Snacks and drinks are also appropriate for a pool party, but people may stay at the party longer if you feed them a full meal. Choose menu options that everyone will love and that are priced within your budget. If funds are tight, consider asking each guest to bring an item to share or to bring their own beverages.

Invest in Pool Toys and Games

Everyone will have a great time splashing in the pool together, but the party will be even more amazing when you invest in pool toys and games. This will give your guests a more structured way to spend an extended amount of time in the pool. Everything from floaties and beach balls to a water volleyball net and more can be considered. It might even be a good idea to get a hot tub or spa, like those from The Pool Store, for the adults to enjoy as well.

Select Your Music

Music is a critical element for a pool party. Options to consider playing at your pool party range from pop and hip hop to classic rock and more. You may be able to find a beach mix or summer play list online, and this makes it easier for you to select the ideal songs to play at your big event.

Hosting a pool party is a great way to bring together family and friends for outdoor fun this summer. To make the event as amazing as you have envisioned, you need to cover all of your bases. Follow these tips to plan an ideal pool party that everyone will love.

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