What Every Girl Should Splurge on in a New Apartment

Just because you are about to rent an apartment doesn’t mean it can’t look nice. While you don’t have to bust your budget when buying things for your new home, you also don’t have to scrimp and save to furnish it, either. This blog post will list the following five things every girl should spend money on when renting her first apartment.

What Every Girl Should Splurge on in a New Apartment
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Kitchen Faucets and Countertops

Installing nice faucets and countertops in your kitchen is one of the best ways to jazz up a boring dining area. By picking a faucet and countertops that elevate the look of your kitchen, you’re doing a lot to elevate the look of your entire apartment as the kitchen sets the standard for the rest of your home. This can even help with functionality if you end up getting saddled with old, or outdated hardware. According to Floform, better countertops can add value to your place if you look to sell later on as well. Upgrading is a great investment and can make working the kitchen that much more enjoyable.

Shower Head

Replacing the old shower head in your bath can add a lot of benefits to your morning routine. Not only will your shower look better, it will also feel better after every shower. If you choose a low-flow head, you can also help out the environment by using less water. You’ll not only have a great looking shower, you’ll help save the Earth in the process.

Coverings for Your Window

You may think you don’t need curtains. However, you’ll wish you had something when the sun streams on your face with merely blind-covered window. If you want to do something different rather than cave to curtains, try bamboo blinds, window film, or shades. You can even find sun-blocking and blackout curtains.

Light Fixtures

If you should splurge on anything for your apartment, it would be light fixtures. Replace the fixture that came with the apartment with one you will want to look at for years and years. Not only will this item look good, it will also help you control the type of light you want in your home. Low-light lamps can be a lot more cozy than bright, fluorescent bulbs.

Power Outlets & Light Switches

If you want a dimmer switch for your home, a sleek outlet for your bedroom, or have ugly switch plates all over, you can easily replace them with more aesthetically pleasing choices. You can customize these to your décor, interests, and themes.

Renting your first apartment is a big deal. You can mark the occasion by buying and installing items that will not only make your house a home, but will also tell everyone who visits your home all about you and your personal style.

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