Double-Take: Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving on Your Commute

Driving while distracted can sometimes be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Whether distractions come from the kids screaming for attention, the radio blaring, or even from new technologies such as mobile or GPS devices, they all can detract from good driving and safe behaviors. The best way to prevent your insurance premium from going up in an accident is to prevent an accident altogether, and these are some tips for eliminating distractions that can also eliminate dangerous situations that lead to accidents on the road.

Double-Take: Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving on Your Commute
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Turn Cell Phones on Silent or Off

While there are some state laws out there that allow the use of cell phones to talk on if they’re hands-free and you aren’t texting, sometimes it’s better just to put them down period. If you’re going on a short trip, you can always call the person back once you get to your destination, and by not talking on the phone you can concentrate a lot closer on the road. If you feel you do have to take a call right away, pull over before doing so.

Keep Music at A Reasonable Level

Music is a big distraction while driving, even if we hate to admit it. Yes, you do love that hot new release that just came out, but if it’s turned up too loud, you may not hear anything going on around you, or you might be too busy singing along that you don’t notice what’s ahead of you. Sometimes it’s better just to keep that volume down to a lower level until you’re in a safer place.

Attend to Children’s Needs Off the Road

Young children may be the biggest distraction to driving if you’re a parent and have to hear a constant commotion from the backseat. It’s usually best to make sure everything is situated in the vehicle before you take off rather than dealing with noisy kids while driving. And if something happens while you’re driving, pull the car over to a place such as a parking lot and address it before moving out into traffic.

While these tips can certainly minimize distractions and the likelihood of accidents, they still might happen. But when they do happen, a good car accident attorney can help minimize further damage to you arising from insurance or court costs regardless of if you’re at fault. While having good insurance coverage usually will be sufficient in most cases, it always pays to have extra help on your side.

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