Back to School: 3 Trending Legal Career Options

So, you’ve finished college. No, maybe you weren’t on the Dean’s List every year (or any year). But hey: a degree is a degree, and you’ve earned something that takes plenty of commitment, sacrifice, money and, yes, all-nighters filled with cans (or cases) of Mountain Dew. Nice going.

Back to School: 3 Trending Legal Career Options
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However, as you gaze at a career path that might last another three, four or even five decades (that is, unless your Powerball numbers come), you may be wondering if there’s another step you might take to increase your earning potential, and experience a vocation that is challenging and rewarding. And then you remember all of those John Grisham books, and that time you saw To Kill a Mockingbird back in grade school, and it hits you: yes, of course, you’ll go to law school!

Now, before you start leafing through some Oliver Wendell Holmes or renting My Cousin Vinny to refresh your closing argument chops, it’s vital for you to take a step back and determine which path you want to take in the legal world, since some areas are surging, while others are stagnating. Obviously, you want to choose from among the former and steer clear of the latter.

To that end, here are three trending legal career options that, if all goes well, will enable you to enjoy an enriching career — personally, professionally and, of course, financially (hey, it’s not that you’re a stone cold materialist, but that shiny new BMW isn’t going to pay for itself, right?).

  1. Elder Law

As the population ages, so do the legal needs of seniors, along with their family members and caregivers. Everything from medical insurance schemes to wills and estates is part of this skyrocketing practice area.

  1. Tax Law

Tax lawyers are in huge demand these days, both from individual taxpayers who are being audited or investigated by the IRS — or want to get sound advice to avoid either of those scenarios — and from families and businesses that are trying to stay on the right side of the line between tax avoidance (which is legal) and tax evasion (which is not). The fact that the tax code is insanely, incomprehensibly complex only makes tax layers even more vital and valuable. Sorry Bat Man and Iron Man, but when the IRS or DOJ comes calling, brave and competent tax lawyers are the heroes we need.

  1. Cyber Security

With internet-borne threats getting scarier by the day — ransomware is just one of the latest examples — the need for lawyers trained in cyber security law is greater than ever. Indeed, businesses need to know what their obligations are, and how to avoid getting sued or fined if they suffer a data leak.

The Bottom Line

Forget about the popular notion that there are “too many lawyers and not enough clients.” Yes, that’s true for some types of law, and in some parts of the country. But if you’re dreaming of becoming a lawyer who focuses on elder car, tax law, or cyber security, than you can likely count on being as busy as you wish — which means you’ll make a difference, and getting the keys to that shiny new BMW is only a matter of time!


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