4 Educational Tasks to Keep Busybody Teens Occupied

When your teenager declares that he or she is bored, it might be tempting to just allow him or her to use an electronic device. Instead of turning to gadgets, you could set your teen off on a path of educational discovery. Introduce your teen to one or more of these four educational tasks to keep him or her occupied.

4 Educational Tasks to Keep Busybody Teens Occupied
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Show Your Teen How to Knit or Crochet

A long time ago, young children were taught how to knit and crochet. They were responsible for making the family’s stockings and other essentials. Today, knitting and crocheting is seen as a leisure activity. If your teen likes to keep his or her hands busy, teach him or her how to do these needle arts. If you do not know how, take a class together at your local yarn shop.

Teach Your Teen How to Repair a Garage Door

Knowing how to make basic repairs will serve your teenager well throughout his or her life. Teach your teen how to repair a garage door. Your teen can learn how to use different hand tools, how power tools work, and how to safely work with electricity and lasers. Some companies, such as J & D Door Sales Inc., know that teens are eager to learn new skills they can prove themselves at. Your teen can also discover how different physics concepts work, such as motors, and springs that are under high tension.

Help Your Teenager Learn How to Cook

Learning how to cook is also an educational task and an excellent life skill. Start with the basics, such as how to make a simple sauce. Work your way through different recipes. Have your teenager choose the recipes. Encourage your son or daughter to work on math by doubling a recipe or halving it. Explain the importance of following instructions and how chemical reactions take place between the ingredients in a recipe.

Discover How to Garden With Your Teen

Introduce your teen to the world of plants by growing a garden. Even if you start out with a small square-foot garden or a container garden, this could be a great way to discover information about soil quality, photosynthesis, fertilization, pollination, and more. Allow your teen to choose what to grow. Some easy beginner options include mint, basil, tomatoes, potatoes, and pole beans.

Each of these options allows your teen to explore and discover. Tactile teens could appreciate knitting a customized wool hat. From enjoying the tastes of a home-cooked meal or the visual pleasures of growing a garden or fixing a broken door, your teen will feel accomplished.

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