Tricks to Keep Your Spine Healthy When Carrying to Full Term

Pregnancy is usually marked with many complaints. Ranging from morning sickness to back pain, there are many aspects of pregnancy that can make an expecting mother uncomfortable. As the physical development of the fetus continues, it generates a comparative effect on the mother’s musculoskeletal system and the spine. These pains are usually because of a strain in the muscles that are stimulated by the hormonal changes and the stretching of the abdomen as fetal development occurs. Below are tricks you can use to make your spine stay healthy during pregnancy and be sure you are keeping your body strong and flexible throughout.

Tricks to Keep Your Spine Healthy When Carrying to Full Term
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Get Lots of Rest

During the whole gestation period, there will be numerous episodes where you will feel tired, and want to rest your back. It is advisable to lie down completely either on the couch, bed, or the carpeted floor. Avoid slouching or slumping over too much as this can strain the back in the third trimester, and cause even more pain. Most pregnant mothers will tend to slump more while doing activities like reading or watching television. The best thing to do is stand straight and do the activity while standing, or lying down completely. Be sure to rest on your back or side, and try not to lie completely on the stomach.

Hire a Doula

Other than the doula being a perfect companion while bed-ridden and in other complicated health situations, these assistants can be a good teacher as far as back pain and exercising is concerned. Have them assist you to perform spine twists and stretches during the entire period of the pregnancy. They will also be able to offer other tips for keeping your back from taking too much strain. These assistants are also useful post-partum for helping your back and body heal after delivery.

Visit a Chiropractor

In extreme cases where your back aches all the time, seeking professional assistance can boost the spine recovery time before and after giving birth. A chiropractor has ample experience, and will be in a good position to offer you advice on how to maintain your back. Most recommend looking for support here with issues like knee cracking, ankle pain, lower back pressure, and other common pregnancy issues. It is wise to seek out someone experienced in treating pregnant women. They will offer support without adding undue pressure to the abdomen.

Dedicate Yourself to Standing Straight

During pregnancy, it can be hard for the mother to stand completely straight. Dedicate time to practice this good habit and be sure you can keep your body aligned while doing so. The more you stand straight, the more likely you are to recover from the back pain. Try using the wall for assistance in order have a proper vertical position while you rest your back on the wall.

The highlighted tips here, together with other supplementary tricks can go a long way in ensuring your back is fit when you are pregnant. All the same, it is advisable to seek medical attention in case of any prolonged spine issues.

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