When Should Women Over 30 Worry About Infertility?

At birth, every girl comes with all the eggs she will ever have in her life. As she ages, her eggs age with her. As a woman, it is commonplace to come across warnings about the ticking of your “biological clock.” Many lies and half-truths are being peddled around concerning the infertility risk facing women over 30 years old. Here we seek to present you with facts which you can rely on when preparing yourself as a future mother.

When Should Women Over 30 Worry About Infertility?
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Proven Facts About Women, Their Age, and Fertility

As a woman ages well past 30, conception becomes more of a challenge. This usually manifests as either taking longer to conceive, or failing to conceive altogether. Other risks that come with age include complications in pregnancy, difficulty during childbirth, and a higher rate of miscarriages. So, what are the chances of women over 30 getting pregnant without the help of IVF?

• At age 30, a woman has a 20% chance of conceiving in any month.

• At age 32, the chances of successful conception start to decrease gradually.

• At age 35 onwards, the speed at which fertility declines speeds up significantly.

• By the time a woman hits age 40, the chances of conception will have dropped by half.

Despite these glaring statistics, some older women successfully conceive and deliver their children well past the age of 40. However, these older mothers face some added risks both during the pregnancy and delivery.

Risks Older Mothers Face During Pregnancy and Delivery

• Older mothers are more susceptible to complications such as placenta previa, placenta abruption, and gestational diabetes.

• The risks of having a baby with genetic abnormalities or birth defects increase with the age of the mother.

• There is a higher risk of miscarriages among women aged 40 years and above.

• The risk of stillbirth is higher in older women than it is in younger women.

So, What if You Can’t Conceive?

If your doctor tells you that you cannot conceive, there’s no need to despair. The mere fact that you want to become a parent is proof enough that you are ready to be a mother. Many children are being born each day families who are either unwilling or unable to take care of these new bundles of joy. You have the option of seeking an adoption service pairing unexpected pregnancies with new families. By so doing, you will get to raise this child as your own and enjoy the joy of being a mother while giving it a stable and a loving home.

While there’s no perfect age for motherhood, knowing the risks that can come with waiting is important. If you fear infertility, the best course of action is to talk to your doctor and get tested.

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