Adventurous Careers: 3 Paths For The Traveling Soul

If you were born to run, just taking a couple of vacations a year probably isn’t going to do it for you. Instead of waiting around planning for your next big trip, why not embrace a lifestyle change that will let you roam far and wide. There are many jobs that offer travel as one of their biggest perks. If that sounds like something that is right in your wheelhouse, then here are three suggestions for jobs that require you to travel.

Adventurous Careers: 3 Paths For The Traveling Soul
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Traveling Nurse

Good nurses are in high demand. When hospitals can’t find enough qualified nurses in their own area, they will seek temps from other areas. Many of these assignments offer pay that is above what the local nurses earn and may even provide housing. Your assignments are likely to last between three and six months. The great thing about this job is that before you have a chance to tire of the place or the people, it will be time to move on to your next assignment.

Leisure Transport

How would you like to drive a bus full of tourists to a local historical site or theme park? Many travel coach drivers also receive little bonuses like tickets to the attraction they have taken their clients to. Along with earning a living, you will get to see a lot of exciting places and meet many interesting people.

Tour buses are not the only leisure transport that is looking for help. You could work as staff on board a cruise ship. You will be busy, to be sure, but you will also get to travel all over the world.

If a cruise ship sounds a little too busy, there are private ships looking for staff, as well. Southern Cross Cleaning (SA) Pty Ltd, for example, provides cleaning services and staff for private yachts. You might be part of the cleaning or kitchen staff, making sure that travelers are comfortable and be able to travel the open seas.

Digital Nomad

A bit of online research will lead you to a wide variety of jobs that can be done on your computer. You could travel full-time and work anywhere you can pick up a wi-fi connection. Digital jobs can include anything from customer service and support to designing websites. You could even sell things on Ebay or Amazon.

Some people were just meant to be free. If you have serious wanderlust, finding a job that requires you to travel can help to satisfy that need while allowing you to earn a living, too. No matter what you are good at, if you are committed to finding work that allows you to be on the go, you are sure to find it.

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