Effective Methods for Picking Your Powerball Numbers

Effective Methods for Picking Your Powerball Numbers
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There’s no way to be absolutely certain when you’re choosing your Powerball numbers that you’re going to strike gold, but there are ways of choosing that are arguably more effective than others at maximizing your chances of winning. At the very least, choosing numbers according to data criteria is a fun and interesting way of playing your favorite game, and – who knows – it could pay off big-time with a couple numbers matched or even the big jackpot.

For Canadians looking to break into the Powerball scene and make some extra cash, there can seem like a near-infinite amount of data and methods and superstitions to digest, but a quick glance at some online tools to help you win the Powerball lottery will go a long way in cutting through all the noise so you can start playing (and, with any luck, winning!) Powerball. This post will outline a few effective methods for picking winning Powerball numbers – methods that you can easily put into practice using the aforementioned online tools.

The first method is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple different ways of implementing it. It involves taking a good look at frequently picked numbers, using past draw data to see which numbers are drawn the most and which are drawn the least. You can do this for “all time”, as in, which numbers are the most drawn in the history of Powerball, to give yourself an advantage based on the entire history of the game; or you can look at frequency of numbers in the past year, past half-year, past three months or past month, to give you a more comprehensive overview of the current trend in numbers. You can also use this tool inversely, meaning that you can actively avoid these frequently appearing numbers, opting instead to choose numbers near it that might be “due”.

Another method for effectively choosing your Powerball numbers involves understanding a basic quirky principle: just like us, numbers have best friends. For instance, the most commonly occurring pair in Powerball is 32 and 41, appearing together a whopping 34 times! And, interestingly, in the top 50 frequently occurring pairs, no number over 45 appears (though the number 45 appears paired with other numbers five times, meaning it’s a pretty friendly number). You can also search frequently occurring number trios, like 10, 18 and 45 (there’s that 45 again!) which have appeared together eight times, meaning they get along well.

Another effective method for choosing your numbers is probably what you’ve been doing anyway: pick your lucky numbers. But, there’s a catch – once you pick those lucky numbers, never change them. Using a fixed set of numbers consistently has a good statistical chance of paying off eventually, as opposed to your numbers constantly being in flux. There’s something to be said for being a “Steady Eddie” when you play Powerball and waiting your turn, but it requires you to not get frustrated when your numbers are on a cold streak.

Of course, there are numerous resources to help you come up with a set of numbers that you’re comfortable with, and half the fun is sifting through data and curating the perfect line. You can look up the “hotness” or “coldness” of each number, according to the average number of draws between that number appearing (i.e. the gap in time between its having been drawn), or you can simply choose your cat’s birthday – it’s really all up to you, and that’s what makes Powerball so exciting.

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