The family road trip is a beautiful experience that you and your next of kin will surely relish. Whether it’s an SUV or sedan, your foremost concerns should be safety, performance, comfort, and reliability.

4 Reliable Cars Worth Investigating for Your Next Family Road Trip
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Choose Nissan

Check out the 2016 Nissan Pathfinder 2016. This 7-seater crossover utility vehicle or CUV has a roomy interior. Passengers will not feel crowded despite the kid’s car seat since there is enough space for each passenger. One of the Pathfinder’s outstanding features is the elegant design of the cabin. This SUV also has a user-friendly 8-inch touchscreen. The compartment does not have a lot of space but this model remains a good pick for light travelers. Some companies, like Bay Ridge Nissan, know that this is a great option to look into. Many companies have an extensive inventory of brand new and used cars.  Prices are comparatively low so it is not difficult to find an appropriate model.

The Subaru Option

The Subaru Outback SUV is a perfect option for those who do not prefer traditional cars. Practical motorists will surely love this wagon since it is comfortable, functional and spacious. The all-wheel-drive ensures supportive traction especially during winter as well as safe handling. Subaru’s Outback SUV packs 24 miles per gallon on the total driving through a conventional variable transmission. Its six-cylinder engine makes this SUV faster but without any noise. All controls including the touch-screen entertainment system are easy to use.


The KIA Soul is a certified budget vehicle for a small family. The box-shaped sedan looks charming. It is a practical choice because of the cargo capacity of 61.3 cubic feet. The Soul looks like a posh sedan with ergonomic controls and powerful six-speaker audio system. The engine is fuel-efficient with leather seats, USB port, and voice-activated music system.


The Price of Mitsubishi the Mitsubishi Outlander 2016 is another wise preference. Aside from the SUV’s re-designed exterior, the refurbished interior has stylish seating surfaces, 60/40 folding seats with unconnected slide, and tilted adjusters. So, there is no problem for parents to separate the toddlers and keep them relaxed during the entire trip.

Go through the exercise of selecting the most efficient vehicle for your next family road trip carefully. It pays to plan ahead of time before deciding to purchase. Contact the nearest car dealerships in your community to get the best quotes.

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