What Are The Best Exercises For Winter Weight Loss?

The festive period is truly one of the most wonderful times of the year. Of course, that is unless you’re trying to lose weight!

Wintertime can be a huge struggle, and there are many obstacles to consider as you bid to keep the weight off. One of the hardest challenges, however, is finding the right physical activities to burn calories in a safe, enjoyable fashion. Here are some of the best options at your disposal.

What Are The Best Exercises For Winter Weight Loss?
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Winter needn’t signal weight gain 


Home Workouts:   

When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, you might find motivation hard to come by. However, home workouts are the ideal solution. A plethora of DVDs are available on the market. Meanwhile, a few home weights and a step machine can work wonders for those weight loss goals too.

Alternatively, you can unlock the retro gamer in you by getting the Nintendo Wii down from the attic. You can grab a copy of Wii Fit for a next to nothing on eBay, and it could be your savior throughout the colder months. Even if you only get a few minutes to spare, this can be hugely rewarding.


Walking / Jogging: 

At times, the thought of hitting the streets in winter is nothing short of a nightmare. Then again, there are moments where this will be very appealing. Whether it’s seeing the last of the autumnal colors or enjoying the crisp winter snow doesn’t matter. Getting out for a walk or jog can feel amazing, especially in the mornings as you look to start the day in style.

You will naturally need to find the right footwear. Read this womens walking shoe review to learn about the best products on the market. Combine the right shoes with suitably warm attire, and you’ll be sure to see positive results on the scales.   


Martial Arts:

What Are The Best Exercises For Winter Weight Loss?
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Kick the weight gains into touch 

In addition to losing weight, why not try learning valuable skills through self-defense. Boxing, karate, and MMA are all popular options for women as well as men. With a little research into the different types out there, you should find one that works for you.

The fast, frantic, and varied full-body workouts will see the pounds drop off. Whether you join a class, take private lessons, or take the DIY approach is up to you. Either way, it’s the perfect way to get yourself fighting fit this winter.


Team Sports:

Playing team games is a great way to burn the calories without even thinking about it. However, the cold weather may mean that outside pitches and courts are off limits. Thankfully, netball and other fast indoor sports can keep you entertained (and fit) throughout winter. Better still, the skills gained can often aid your summertime activities too.

Signing up to a team also means that you have a commitment to keep, which fights the motivational issues. Best of all, though, it’s a chance to make new friendships. Not only will this aid your ongoing exercises and weight loss plans, but it can boost general happiness.

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