Surviving Life As A D+ Cup

The New York post recently declared that “boobs are back!”, which probably came as something of a surprise to those of you who live with D+ breasts– after all, you weren’t aware they boobs had ever been away. Fashion might have forgotten, but it’s tough to think about anything else when you go through the daily struggle that is living with large breasts.

Surviving Life As A D+ Cup
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Life with as a D+ cup is often difficult, frustrating, and somewhat invasive. Many women who have naturally large breasts struggle with their body confidence, as well as the other issues — such as back pain — that living with D+ cup breasts can cause. If you are one of these ladies, then the advice below might help you to live your best D+ cup life.


Bras Are The Single Most Important Garment You Own

First and foremost, you will likely have experienced the horror that is shopping for bras when you have D+ breasts. Nothing fits; standard lines in stores you usually love are too small, usually maxing out at a D cup (if you’re lucky). As a result, D+ cup women have to go specialist for their bras– but it’s a price worth paying.

The larger your breasts are, the more support they need. A good bra is the absolute key to achieving this. If you haven’t already, it’s vital that you head to a store to have your breasts measured. Many stores offer this service for free, and won’t expect you to buy bras from them (especially if they don’t have any bras that will fit). Such a fitting means that you can obtain your proper measurements, which is important given how many women are wearing the wrong size bra.

When you have your measurement, you can shop for bras that are truly going to help and support your body. It’s worth investing in your bra because it’s the foundation of your outfit; if your breasts are well supported and held in the right place, then the rest of your ensemble will be able to shine.


Surgery Is An Option

Many women with large breasts struggle with constant pain caused by the extra weight; back and neck troubles are frequent complaints, which can border on the disabling. Over time, the problem becomes chronic, and can’t be fixed by a massage and a few stretches. A good bra can help the situation, but it can’t fix it.

For a permanent fix, you will likely need to investigate your plastic surgery options. We all know about breast augmentation surgery, but you can also have your breast size reduced if you so choose. Many women who have had breast reductions have found their lives have improved immeasurably; if you’re tired of struggling with large breasts, then you may want to consider joining their number.


Bra-Free Alternatives

One of the great pleasures in life is getting home after a long day and removing your bra; women appreciate the relaxation that they feel when they finally remove their bra for the day.

However, if you have large breasts, going bra-free when you’re at home isn’t an option; it will worsen the pain you experience and may even cause stretch marks. Opting for soft, non-wired bras or even sports bras when at home is a better option; they’re far more comfortable, but will still provide some of the support that you require.


Hopefully, the ideas above will help you cope with life as a D+ cup. Good luck!


Surviving Life As A D+ Cup
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Surviving Life As A D+ Cup
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