The New Gadgets and Tech Your Home Shouldn’t be Without

Do you feel like your home is starting to lag behind a little? If you haven’t upgraded the tech in your home for some time, this could become a problem for you. Knowing which tech and gadgets are right for you can also be tricky, so that’s why we’ve put together a guide that will tell you all you need to know about the most exciting home tech on the market right now.

Smart tech is taking over, and it has the power to make your life much more convenient. You’ll be surprised by what can be done by the best technology these days. The power it has to transform your life and how you take care of the most simple and everyday things is really impressive. Read on to learn more about the new gadgets and tech your home shouldn’t be without.


SITU Scales

Kitchen scales are essential for anyone who enjoys cooking meals at home. SITU scales are the best of the lot because they allow you to weigh things as you’d expect, but they can also do a lot more than that. They can connect to your phone or tablet, allowing you to track the food that you’re eating. So, if you put everything you eat into those scales and input the types of food, you can track your calories and make a food journal.


An iKettle

If you’re the kind of person that drinks a lot of tea and coffee, you could really benefit from investing in an iKettle for your home. They’re easy to use, and they allow you to tell your kettle to start boiling via your phone. You then only have to get up when the water has boiled and you’re ready to make your next cup of tea. They’re easy to find these days, and they’re not unaffordable either, so make the most of one in your home.

The New Gadgets and Tech Your Home Shouldn’t be Without

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A Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are handy, especially for people who have pets in the home. We all know how much hair pets can shed, and you don’t want to be sweeping up and getting the vacuum cleaner out every day. But if you have a mini robot vacuum that can whizz around the home for a significant portion of the day, a lot of that dust, dirt and pet hair will be sucked right up and gotten rid of. They don’t require much input from you at all, so you can just set them down and let them go.


Smart Light Bulbs

Your light bulbs might sound like a strange concept; why would you need light bulbs to be smart? Well, they offer you a whole range of new and interesting options in your home, and that has to be a positive thing. First of all, they are much more energy efficient than other kinds of light bulbs. And they also offer you a lot more control over the light in your home. You can turn the lights on and off or up and down using nothing other than your phone. You don’t even have to get up off the sofa to turn the dimmer switch.


A Nest Thermostat

No one likes to come home to a cold house in winter. When you’ve been at the office all day working hard, you want to come back to a warm and welcoming home. And that’s why you should start to use a Nest Thermostat. These smart little gadgets learn your habits and routines, meaning they can intuitively know what temperature you want your home to be at particular times of the day. It’s so clever, and it all works so seamlessly, so it’s something you should definitely try out.

The New Gadgets and Tech Your Home Shouldn’t be Without

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A Fetch Machine for Your Dog

Your dog shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun when you’re updating your home and adding lots of new tech and gadgets to it. A good fetch machine could be just what you need when you’re trying to make your home more technologically advanced and also trying to keep your dog busy and stimulated. Things like the chuckit ball thrower offer the perfect solution if you want a simpler alternative that you can throw around the home safely. The market for technologically advanced dog toy options is bigger than ever, so explore all of the options.


Chromecast Ultra

All families value their entertainment options these days. But if there’s one device that offers you simplicity and flexibility more than any other, it’s the Chromecast Ultra. It simply plugs into the back of your TV, and then you can start streaming all kinds of content on your TV. It’s a tiny device, and it all works via your phone. So, if you have the Netflix app on your phone and you want to watch it on your TV, simple tap the cast icon and the show will start playing on your TV via your Chromecast Ultra, even though you’re using your phone. You can then lock your phone and put it to one side, and it will continue streaming.

The New Gadgets and Tech Your Home Shouldn’t be Without

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A Motion Detection Camera

If you’re someone who worries a lot about home security, you should consider fitting a small motion detection camera in your home. These modern devices are easy to set up, and they’re not as expensive as you might imagine. The great thing about them is that they can alert you to movement in your home when you’re not there. A message will be sent right to your phone, and you will then be able to view live footage to see what’s going on. You will then be able to notify the police if some kind of break-in is occurring. Or it might just be your cat coming in through the catflap, but it’s still good to be in the loop!

If you invest in these top home gadgets and technologies, your home will be more streamlined and modern than ever before. Your day to day life will be easy because the latest and best tech will be guiding you every step of the way.

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