Healthy Split: How to End a Marriage on Amenable Terms

The dissolution of a marriage can be devastating for a number of reasons. Sometimes, though, it’s best to end things rather than prolong a relationship that’s on the decline.

You don’t have to hate your spouse in order to justify ending a marriage. However, it’s crucial that you understand how to do so in a way that ensures mutual respect. Here are four tips for ending a marriage on amenable terms.

Healthy Split: How to End a Marriage on Amenable Terms
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Determine Whether the Marriage Is Salvageable

Ending a marriage should be done if a union has reached the point where you and your spouse are no longer able to properly support one another emotionally. While relationships do go through rough patches, you shouldn’t mistake a rough patch for a total collapse.

When considering whether to end a marriage, the first thing you should do is look within and determine if this is just a relatively brief setback, or a sign the marriage simply isn’t working any longer.

Discuss It with Your Spouse

Telling someone you want a divorce is never easy. It’s difficult for the person saying it and the person hearing it. If you’ve made up your mind that you want a divorce from your spouse, they shouldn’t try to force you to change your mind. However, you should be tactful in how you do it.

Tell them about how you realized you don’t feel the same love for them that you felt before. It might be difficult for them to hear or accept, but it’s much better for you to be honest with them now, rather than prolonging things unnecessarily.

Determine Custody

Divorce can become even trickier when children are involved. Deciding on custody for your children between you and your former spouse can be incredibly taxing and stressful.

Since this can get contentious, it’s best to bring in legal professionals. Attorneys like Kelm & Reuter PA who deal with child custody can give you the proper guidance to come to a solution that works for everyone.

Prepare for the Aftermath

While divorce might be stressful, it can also be relieving. On the other hand, being a divorced person can feel strange and possibly a little scary. The things you took for granted while being married will be gone without you necessarily realizing it. Make sure you have the proper support and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

A split is not easy to deal with, but with the proper emotional maturity and understanding, you can make it through the end of a marriage peacefully.

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