There’s A Whole New Set Of Rules To Follow After 30

There's A Whole New Set Of Rules To Follow After 30
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As if life wasn’t hard enough to navigate, it turns out that beauty regime you’ve been trying hard to perfect since you first learned how to spell skin and hair becomes totally redundant the moment you turn thirty. That’s right, once the big 3-0 comes around, there is a whole new set of rules that you’ll need to wrap your head, hair, skin, nails and general well-being around.


Basically, while you may have been a bit of a cheapskate and a tad lazy when it came to all things beauty in your twenties, you really need to start investing in this side of life during your thirties, and here are our top tips on how:

There's A Whole New Set Of Rules To Follow After 30
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Diet-Lotions Are Best

It’s not necessary for you to be using thick creams in your thirties. In fact, they may start working against you by causing breakouts to occur. Instead, start trying lighter lotions and serums. For one, they won’t block your pores as badly, which a plus, but they’ll still offer your skin all that anti-ageing and sun-protection you want, which is cool.


Oils From This Day On

On top of worrying about your decisions in life and why you aren’t where you wanted to be in your career, you’ll also have to face a new reality in the form of your skin losing its softness, bounce and hydration. How does one counter this? By applying a good oil to your face once or twice a week; a nourishing and hydrating face oil. How yummy.


This One’s For The Men

Boys, when you touch down in the land of Thirty, you’re testosterone is going to start declining. You may even start suffering from what is called Hypoandrogenism, which is basically when your testosterone falls too far. That’s why you need to add Tongkat Ali extract to your birthday wishlist as this little sucker will help cancel out that decline. I guess what we are saying in a  roundabout way is, well, it is a natural aphrodisiac that has medicinal properties. There. We said it.


Cut Back On The Sugar

Yeah, the sugary stuff needs to go and your intake of greens needs to rise. The reason for this has a lot to do with your metabolism and health. But, for those of you that are more concerned about your appearance, sugars increase the effects of ageing. Greens counter this. So, there we have it, a simple equation that falls in favour with the green argument.


There's A Whole New Set Of Rules To Follow After 30
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Rub Fruit On Your Face

On top of that other stuff we have just mentioned, your skin is going to start getting duller after thirty. Whoopee, right? Luckily for you, the answer could be as simple as the peel from fruit and veg. This will get rid of that prison-soup like color of top-layer skin. Pineapple enzyme, mushroom peels, oranges; these sorts of things will all slow down the ageing process.


Treat That Hair Of Yours

There is no easy way to put this: your hair is going to become slightly drier and a touch finer after thirty. It also happens after childbirth, but we won’t go into that. That is why you will want to work hard your hair treatment regime. Essentially, you want something that will strengthen, moisturize and add a ton of protein into the mix.

There's A Whole New Set Of Rules To Follow After 30
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