Stop The Clock: The Anti-Aging Secrets You Need to Know

Getting older is a wonderful thing. More wisdom, great confidence in your decisions and enough life experience to choose things exactly on your terms. But not all of us are so keen on some of the cosmetic side-effects that come along with the ageing process. These days, we have a choice. If we want to embrace our ageing process, there’s a kind of empowerment in that. But if we want to stop the clock a little, the products and processes available to us now can be highly effective. But there’s so much out there, it’s hard to know what really works. What worth the spend? What are the secrets that beauty editors use? We do some digging and find out the best-kept secrets to stop time in its tracks:

Stop The Clock: The Anti-Aging Secrets You Need to Know
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Keep It Simple

This first one may surprise you – but it could actually be about using less. Magazines and advertising are all geared up to sell us more, more, more – and help us discover products that we didn’t even know we needed. But if you speak to beauty professionals, a lot of them keep it simple when it comes to their personal anti-aging regimen. Overloading the skin with products can actually be counterproductive. The real essentials are actually pretty basic –  a good facial cleanser, a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid, a high-factor SPF cream, some retinoids and a quality eye cream. Using the right products in the right amounts will have a more beneficial effect than overloading your skin.


Consider Facial Symmetry

The idea of beauty being closely connected to symmetry is one that spans back to the Ancient Greeks, and the idea of a ‘Golden Ratio’ for facial features is still going strong. The ageing process can knock the delicate balance off course a little, but luckily there are a few cosmetic cheats available. Switching from a harsh black liner to a wash of soft brown around the eyes can make them look bigger, taking the time to get brows professionally reshaped and filled in can be almost as good as a facelift, and learning how to do a subtle nose contour can help to slim the bridge – although other issues such as fixing a hanging columella may require more help. A decent lipliner can also restore lost volume to the mouth and help to give an overall more youthful appearance.


Change Your Colors

We all tend to have certain colours and products that we’ve stuck with faithfully – but what was flattering in our 20s may not suit us as we get older. It could be time to reconsider your palette. Dark lipsticks can be more challenging to wear as they tend to highlight aging lines around the mouth. SImilarly, bright colours and shimmery textures around the eyes can draw more attention to fine lines and wrinkles than your eyes themselves. Considering going shopping for some warm toned, matte eyeshadows and a creamy, neutral toned lipstick to give your face a shot of youth. Choosing cream textures over powders for things like blush can also help, as they tend to melt into the skin and leave a flattering sheer wash of colour rather than gathering in creases and folds.


Whether you choose to embrace your natural look or go for a little helping hand, remember you can be fun and fabulous at any age!

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