Matte Screen Guards – What Makes Them Such a Popular Choice?

You have just got a new and expensive electronic device. The look of the laptop is just fantastic. You do not want to spoil the screen with scratches. For this reason, you need to opt for a screen guard. While choosing a screen guard, you may get confused between glossy and matte screen guard.

In this article we will talk about matte screen guards and why are they preferred over glossy screen guards. Given below are some of the reasons as to why you should go with matte screen guards.

Matte Screen Guards - What Makes Them Such a Popular Choice?
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The matte finish on the screen guard does not allow the reflection of the screen. They are also known as antiglare screen guards. When you are using a laptop for an extended duration, the reflection will be minimal. Thus, there won’t be any strain on the eye. Secondly, when you are stepping out in the sun, the matte finish will not reflect much on the screen.

Quality of the Image 

The image quality on the matte screen will be sharp. The brightness and contrast of the image will be less. Thus, the image will be clear and grainy on a matte display.

Scratches on the screen 

When you are using a glossy screen guard, the scratches are easily visible. On the other hand, if you are using a matte screen, the scratches are not that clear. It indicates that the matte screens are much more resilient to scratches. This one is a sure advantage in case of screen protection.

Smudge on the screen 

When you are using a matte screen guard, the fingerprints are not visible. Second, the screen does not get dirty easily. This way you can be sure of no smudge and a clear view of your screen. The primary advantage is for all those people who are not able to clean their electronic devices often. The buildup of dirt is not much, and that is quite helpful for all the busy people.


The images when viewed on a matte screen are sharp. It happens because the matte screen absorbs the light and does not reflect light. The reflection on these screens is minimal. Thus you can see sharper and clearer images on the screen. It is helpful if a person stays outside for long.


The matte screen enables a person to read on the screen more clearly. All of us are stuck to our electronic devices for writing work and other documents. Here the matte screen is way too helpful. The reason is that you can easily read on the screen. That is because of the reduced reflection as it absorbs the light.

When you are using a matte screen on your electronic device, you will feel as if there is not screen guard. It is so light and can be used conveniently. There won’t be any light obstructions as well while you are working until it is being used under direct sunlight. It is always advisable to use screen guards on your electronic device so that you will not damage the screen of your laptop.

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