How To Encourage Aging Relatives To Stay Active

Aging is a fact of life, it’s a process that will happen to all of us sooner or later, which is why knowing how to effectively deal with the aging process is so important. A key factor in how slowly people age is exercise – various studies have shown that people who stay active into their later years tend to age more slowly and live for longer. Research has concluded that not only does regular physical activity help to keep the body healthy, but also the mind, making it a must for anyone of any age.


Of course, while that is true, it’s also important to realize that not every senior is happy to stay active or feels like it is possible to do so. Certain medical conditions can have an impact on how active a senior is, and can impact their ability to stay physically fit. However, that being said, just because physical activity can be harder for some people than others, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

How To Encourage Ageing Relatives To Stay Active
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With that in mind, below are some simple ways that you can make it easier for your aging relatives to stay active.


Make cardiovascular exercise a priority

Cardiovascular exercise – activity that gets the heart rate up – increases endurance and helps to keep the heart healthy. For seniors of all ages and levels of mobility, cardiovascular exercise is, by far, the most important form of exercise there is because it can significantly help to reduce a range of related illnesses and diseases. The fantastic thing about cardiovascular exercise is that it can involve all kinds of activities, from swimming to walking. For a senior who is unstable on their feet, invest in the best elderly walker for them, and support while they are exercising, is vital. After all, it is important to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe while working out and are not at risk of serious accident or injury.


Implement strength training

When it comes to keeping seniors healthy, helping them to maintain muscle strength is vital. There are various strength exercises that are ideal for older people and can help them to safely and effectively improve their strength levels. The best methods for doing so include the use of low-level weights and gentle resistance training. For strength training in seniors, it’s important to focus on the strengths that each individual has, such as if they are wheelchair bound or wobbly on their feet, focusing on their arms could be the answer.


Ensure that flexibility training is part of the program

Admittedly, the older we get, the less flexible we tend to become, but that doesn’t mean that flexibility training shouldn’t be part of the program for seniors. To help your loved one to maximise their range of motion, flexibility exercises are vital. These exercises can also help to reduce pain and stiffness and prevent injuries. The best flexibility exercises for older people include gentle yoga poses that are made to improve flexibility in a slow and strain-free way.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about helping aging relatives to stay active.


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