4 Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Favorite Drinks at Home and Save Big!

Many folks assume that it’s too difficult, and time-consuming, to make their favorite drinks at home. That’s one of the reasons why so many of us go clubbing and bar-hopping with friends after a long, hard day’s work.  Enjoying the perfect cocktail is a treat that helps nearly everyone to relax and escape stress. Most restaurants, clubs, and bars, however, typically include a pretty hefty markup in their drink prices.

You can, however, make and enjoy your favorite beverages at home, and, save a lot of cash! This list of tips can help you prepare drinks at home that will taste just as great as what you can get out.

4 Helpful Tips to Prepare Your Favorite Drinks at Home and Save Big!
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Use Premium Ingredients

Whether you will be enjoying your beverage of choice alone, or, have decided to host a get together with friends, don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of the ingredients that you use.

Purchase brands known for their excellence when it comes to alcohols, syrups and any non-alcoholic bases you will use, such as teas and colas.

In addition to top quality liquids, you will need fresh fruits, spices and other garnishes for your drinks. Chocolate, ice, strawberries, raspberries, lemon slices and mint leaves are a few great choices.

Some Mixed Drinks to Make at Home

Oftentimes, you can make a wide variety of drinks with just one or two types of alcohol, a syrup, and two or three choices for bases and garnishes. For example, raspberry syrup pairs well with several ingredients. The following are a few of the many great drinks you can make with this fruity, flavored syrup!

If you or your friends don’t drink alcohol, you might enjoy raspberry lemonade. Just add some of the syrup to your lemonade, along with lots of ice. Garnish with a fresh slice of lemon and some fresh raspberries.

You can also add this fruity flavoring to a glass of iced mint tea, or green tea, and garnish with fresh sprigs of mint and berries.

There are several alcoholic cocktails and other mixed drinks that can be made with the syrup.

A raspberry mojito can be made by combining 1/2 ounce of the syrup to 2 ounces of rum. Stir, serve with ice and garnish with slices of lime, fresh raspberries, and mint leaves.

Margaritas can also be made with this syrup. Mix an ounce of syrup, 1 1/4 ounces of tequila, 1/2 ounce orange liquor, 3 ounces sweet and sour mix and some ice in a shaker, and shake it all up!

Want a drink that’s more “emotional?” Try the infamous “Crime of Passion” cocktail that features 1/3 ounce of the syrup that’s blended with 1 ounce of your favorite rum, an ounce of passion fruit juice, 3 ounces of cream soda and 2 tablespoons of rich, vanilla ice cream. Use a whole bean, gourmet grade ice cream for best results!


Use the right glassware, based on your drink, to help you get in the mood. Shopping at thrift and discount stores can help you score a deal on shots, cocktails, wine flutes, tumblers, shakers and other specialty barware.

If your drink recipe calls for them, don’t forget to pick up some of those cute umbrellas, straws, swizzle sticks and other accessories. Ice-ball molds, bottle openers, coasters, and a glass-writing pen or identifying drink charms aren’t absolute necessities, but they can help you kick up your drink presentation several notches.

Use Lighting and Music to Set the Stage

Treating yourself is as much about atmosphere as it is what you are drinking or eating. You’ll miss your favorite watering hole much less if you take the time to create a setting that invokes the same emotions.

Use candles, or a dimmer switch, to tone down the brightness and cast dramatic shadows. Don’t forget to play your favorite music in the background, and choose a genre that will help you to evoke specific memories and feelings.

In 2016, consumers spent an average of $3,154 on food away from home. Since a good portion of this figure is likely the markup that the owner of the establishment charged to cover their cost and profit margin, why not prepare your favorite drinks and foods at home, and save?

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